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You’ve decided to propose – congratulations. And you’ve decided that instead of them picking out the engagement ring, or choosing it yourself, you’ve decided to design one – the most romantic move you could make.

Chances are before you decided this, all engagement rings looked pretty much the same: A shiny rock on a pretty band that’s going to cost a lot. But if you’ve already poked around a little, you probably noticed that there are actually between about one squillion and infinity options to choose from — and reams of information about every aspect of the process.

That’s why we cobbled together a “diamond engagement ring” how-to guide, with only the information that you need to know.


It’s not just a cliché: Many partner’s really do sit around at brunch talking about their fantasy engagement ring. Before you set out on this ring adventure, ask your partner’s tight-lipped friends for key-words about cut and style.

You’ll also want to begin the process knowing your partners’s ring size. If you can borrow a ring from their stash, then great. If their a little anal about their jewellery and may notice, use a pencil and a piece of paper to trace the inside of the ring, and bring that instead. Or, slip one on your finger and use a sharpie to mark how far down it slides.

Don’t blow the bank

You’ve likely heard that people should spend between two and three month’s salary on an engagement ring. That stat, which is ridiculous, probably leads a lot of people to put engagement rings on a credit card.

Of course, you want your partner to love her ring, but there’s a lot of information out there linking divorce to money problems, specifically debt.


After you drop however many pay checks on a ring, get the damn thing insured. You may be carrying it around in your pocket for weeks, waiting for the perfect moment, and if it slips out while you’re riding up a chair lift on a ski vacation, you’ll want to buy another one.

You can buy it as an extension of your homeowners or rental insurance, or get it from a special jewellery insurer. You’ll need a receipt and an appraisal (which costs a fee). You’ll want to know how they’ll replace the ring. They may offer cash, or they may reimburse you when you buy another ring through a specific jeweller.

And now, off to start shopping but any questions along the way, come and speak to our team of diamond experts.