Engagement rings are items imbued with such meaning, but they also carry a lot of judgement based on their appearance. Too big, too small, coloured stone, traditional diamond, princess cut, emerald and cushion cut. There can be so many variations. So what exactly does an engagement ring look like? The answer is whatever you want it to look like!

What Makes A Ring An Engagement Ring?

Technically any ring can be an engagement ring, it is the promise behind the giving of the ring that determines that. However, there are some loose rules as to what constitutes a true ‘engagement ring’.

Carats –  The centre stone is usually a diamond and between 1-2 carats. This determines the size of the stone.

Clarity – Clarity is ranked on a sliding scale, the more crystal clear, the higher the clarity. The higher the clarity, the more expensive usually.

 Setting – Solitaire, Tiffany, pavé, halo, vintage, cluster, three-prong, shank/split-shank, infinity – there are so many settings to choose from. These are the more commonly used for engagement rings, however.

Things To Consider

While no one ring is considered the universally perfect ring, there are some engagement rings that are better suited to certain occupations or lifestyles.

For instance, the most classic of all engagement rings, the single solitaire, sits quite high. This high profile can be inclined to catch. If you work with the elderly, with children, in nursing, or hospitality or similar you may find this to be a hazard. A flatter setting would be more suitable and ensure you don’t end up relegating your beloved engagement ring to a drawer during work hours.

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