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November 30, 2020
We all know the catchy jingle ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, there’s just something about the way they sparkle. Diamonds are a consistently favoured stone for special occasion pieces, such as engagement rings. If you’re dreaming of the perfect engagement ring – diamond engagement rings are a specialty for Brisbane based Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers.

Classic And Unique

If you’re getting married and looking for the perfect diamond in a unique setting, you cannot go past Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers. Diamonds are a classic, timeless choice for engagement rings. Our diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict free for your peace of mind – should you have an heirloom diamond, we can work with that too.


We can set your diamond in platinum, yellow or white gold in a design you choose. Not sure what design you want? We can suggest styles and collaborate on your ideal design. Ensuring your diamond engagement ring is one you can be truly proud to wear every day.

Why Choose Custom Made

Your engagement marks an important step in your relationship. Your relationship is unique and your engagement ring should be too. It should reflect the wearer and complement their personality. When you buy from a store-front jeweller, you are selecting from mass produced designs, available across the country. While beautiful, they are far from unique.

At Burgundy Bespoke, we have a passion for creating beautiful things. We want the bespoke experience to be enjoyable and affordable for all of our clients. With no shop -front, our custom work can come in up to ⅓ less expensive than our competitors. With no compromise on quality, you can create the engagement ring you have always wanted.

Located in Brisbane and looking for an experienced, quality jeweller for your custom made engagement ring? Contact Burgundy Bespoke jewellers today on 0452 266 359

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