How An Engagement Ring Should Fit

May 30, 2021

So you are choosing an engagement ring or have been proposed to with a ring that doesn’t fit. What now? Do you know how an engagement ring should fit? What steps should you take to ensure it is both comfortable and safely secured on your finger?

How An Engagement Ring Should Fit

Ideally, your ring should be neither too tight nor too loose. Too tight and it will feel uncomfortable, particularly on warm days when it will cut into your skin as it swells. Too loose and you risk losing it while going about your day. When your engagement ring is too loose, you also will find that the setting can spin easily.

Remember to take the ring a reputable jeweller or simply go back the jeweller who made the ring for you, they will be more than happy to help you.

How Is An Engagement Ring Resized?

To begin with, your finger will be measured using a specialised tool that allows you to try on various sizes. This provides the jeweller with the precise measurements required to size your ring up or down. Usually a ring can only be successfully sized up or down by two sizes, any more than this and the ring’s setting can be compromised.

The ring will be cut and a portion removed or added depending on the required size. It is then re-soldered and polished. When done properly, the ring’s strength remains intact and it will look as though it was always made in this size. Rings made from steel (tungsten), rose gold or titanium are unable to be resized, this is also true for eternity bands with diamond sets right around the ring.

For expert advice on resizing and quality results, contact Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers today on 0452 266 359.

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