Why Choose A Bespoke Engagement Ring?

May 12, 2022

Many people opt for mass-produced engagement rings from high-street jewellers, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with this, there’s something to be said for having a piece of jewellery that can’t be found anywhere else. Being able to choose every component of your ring and truly tailor it to you or your partner’s taste offers a chance for intimacy and sentimentality that store-bought can’t. When you’re deciding on a ring that’s going to symbolise one of the most important moments of your life; asking the one you love to spend their life with you, you want to make sure it’s right.

So, first and foremost, what’s the difference between ‘off the shelf’ jewellers and bespoke jewellers?

With off the shelf jewellers, you’ll still be getting a beautiful, high-quality piece, but it will be one of many, which is why more and more people are opting for bespoke. Bespoke jewellers will help to create a completely custom piece, showcasing the personality of your love, and usually offer more guidance than high street jewellers. At Burgundy Bespoke we take into account all of our customer’s ideas and fine-tune them until we’ve achieved their dream design, and will offer support with advice and any queries throughout the entire process. Our founder and expert jeweller, Michael, has a lifetime of experience in the industry and knows it inside out, allowing him to offer invaluable advice.

With bespoke engagement rings, you know where the materials come from & where your ring is made

A huge benefit of bespoke jewellery is knowing where the materials come from, and therefore being able to source them ethically. Precious metals and stones can come from very varied backgrounds, so ensuring that you only use ethically mined materials can make a huge difference, and means the significance of the ring isn’t marred by materials that have been sourced at the expense of other people. At Burgundy Bespoke we also handcraft all of our jewellery on Australian soil, right here at our studio in Brisbane.

bespoke engagement ring

Inherited jewellery can be incorporated into bespoke engagement rings

A lot of people inherit family heirlooms that have a lot of sentimental value but don’t look, feel, or fit quite right, or maybe are just too outdated and in need of a pick-me-up. The beauty of bespoke engagement rings is that it’s possible to incorporate these heirlooms into a piece that suits an individual’s preferences, without losing the sentimental value of the original piece. This can be done by including the entire piece into the new design, or just one tiny part of it. Burgundy Bespoke specialises in heirloom jewellery and has years of experience with bringing dream designs to life.

Bespoke jewellers can help to maximise your budget

With high-street jewellers, you’re tied into buying pre-existing rings, with the metal, stones and designs all readily picked out. The downside to this is that the extra-fancy rings tend to have a higher price tag, due to the nicer stones typically also having a more expensive metal and setting. This means you might end up paying more for a design that you’re not completely happy with. The way bespoke makes a difference is that you can decide which elements matter more to you, and therefore allow a higher budget for those and spend less on others, reducing the total, but allowing for perhaps an even better ring.

With Burgundy Bespoke, we come to you

One of the biggest benefits of opting for a bespoke engagement ring, especially with us, is that we come to you. There’s no need for you to spend hours perusing jewellery shops, and there’s no risk of being caught in one either. Our ‘Ringman Wingman’, Michael, will meet you at a place and time that’s convenient for you, and will even bring example pieces to show you so you’re not buying blind, saving you time and energy, whilst also ensuring you get exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in getting a bespoke engagement ring or have questions about anything in this blog then give us a call or book a free consultation.

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