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Remodel Your Jewellery

Do you love the sentiment attached to your engagement ring, but no longer love the design? Perhaps you have a diamond ring or other piece of jewellery that has been passed down through generations but isn’t quite your style. Rather than relegate these precious items to your jewellery box, the master jewellers at Burgundy Bespoke can collaborate with you on a new custom design.

Why Remodel?

Remodelling your jewellery to incorporate sentimental heirlooms or to create eternity rings gives you the opportunity to continue wearing much-loved pieces. Should you have significantly damaged a precious ring, remodeling can also be a more viable option than carrying out jewellery repairs.

Remodelling also allows you to upgrade or modify your engagement ring to be more in keeping with the ring you wanted at the time you got engaged but perhaps couldn’t afford. When you remodel you are giving new life to jewellery and adding to its story. We can combine multiple pieces and rework them to create wedding rings, engagement rings, brooches, earrings or work together on any other creative idea you may have.

Want to recreate a lost item from photos or match a lost earring? We can help with that too. There really is no limit to what we can create and how many pieces we can meld to become one.

Considering selling old, unused jewellery? Gold, diamonds and other precious stones often lose a significant portion of their original value when resold. So even those items that may not have a history will still be more viable to remodel than sell. Rather than lose money and buy another mass-produced item in its place, melt it down and remake it into your dream piece.


Why Choose Us For Remodelling?

At Burgundy Bespoke, we understand the sentimental value of heirloom pieces and handle all of them with respect and care. We take outdated, unworn jewellery and recreate them into unique showpieces you can be truly proud to wear.

We are focused on a customer-led creative process and are committed to delivering a final product that not only matches your expectations but exceeds them. Your jewellery should be as unique as you are and remodelling provides the opportunity to create your dream pieces while preserving important memories too. With decades of experience behind us, Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers are the team you can count on to remodel your jewellery.

To learn more about remodelling your unworn jewellery send us a message or call us today on 0452 266 359.

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