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Advice For Figuring Out Your Finger Size

Working out your finger size can be difficult – especially if you are attempting to estimate the size of someone else’s fingers. To ensure your gift or proposal goes smoothly, here are some helpful tips regarding how to work out finger size.

Best Ways To Work Out A Finger Size

Borrow Another Ring

One of the best ways to determine finger size is to borrow a ring that your partner often wears. It is important to note which finger the ring is usually worn on as this helps estimate with more accuracy.

alternatively, book an appointment with us and we will measure the ring for you. While the latter is preferable, we know it may not always be possible to keep the ring with you.

Ask Friends and Family

You may like to ask around on the off chance a friend or family knows your partner’s ring size. Another option may be to check the hand size of a close family and see if it is similar to your partner. You can also ask friends or family to subtly try your partner’s rings on and suss out their size for you.

Compare Your Finger to His/Hers

While not particularly accurate, you may be able to compare your hands to your partners and gain some helpful insights. For instance, one of your fingers may be similar in size to their ring finger. By measuring your closest matching finger, we at least gain a starting point for working out the correct ring size for your partner.

Things To Avoid When Working Out Finger Size

  1. Tracing around an existing ring – while this may seem logical and helpful it more often than not is highly inaccurate.
  2. Guessing – Even for the most experienced jeweller, this is a challenge and something we strongly recommend against.
  3. Measuring his/her finger whilst they sleep – more likely to lead to waking your partner and leading to some awkward explanations.
    The main thing to remember is that a ring can always be resized – something we offer with our compliments for bespoke pieces. Depending on the setting this process can be a little more challenging at times. As always, our expert team at Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers can walk you through this and advise in advance as to the best way to proceed.

In Their Words

“We just wanted to send you a message to thank you for the incredible ring you have created for us it was more than we could ever have imagined. ”

In Their Words

“Gabby always had a dream ring in mind but what you have made for her was beyond anything she could have wished for. ”

In Their Words

“The look on her face when the red box was opened really said it all seeing our design and ideas of the ring bring her so much happiness is a moment either of us will ever forget. ”

In Their Words

“Not only am I thankful for the experience to work with someone as qualified and professional as yourself but with your knowledge and skill you have provided a lifelong sentiment that will always remain close to our hearts. ”

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