Q. When did diamond engagement rings start?

Having an engagement period before marriage is a tradition that begun in the Middle Ages, but the first person to receive a diamond engagement ring is said to be Mary Burgundy – an affluent French monarch whose suitors had much to gain by impressing her.

Q. Why an engagement ring is important

To many people, marriage is an important value and an exciting life event to share with loved ones. To have something beautiful and unique which represents the intentions of your partner to marry you is a valuable possession.

Q. What does an engagement ring look like?

Unlike the wedding ring, which tends to be a simpler design suggestive of commitment rather than celebration, an engagement ring typically features a gemstone or gemstones. Many different types and arrangements can be used, depending on personal taste.

Q. When to buy a diamond engagement ring

It is not always necessary to buy a diamond engagement ring. For many, it is a wonderful gift to symbolise the value of your love for them, but for others, it might be too showy or not in line with their personality. There are many options for engagement rings.

Q. When to buy an engagement ring

Whenever you are ready to commit to the love of your life, you may consider buying an engagement ring. The period between engagement and marriage is totally up to you; there is no set time frame.

Q. What engagement ring should I buy?

At the end of the day, the engagement ring you buy should be one that you like. It should suit your personal style as well as your lifestyle, and fit your budget. Whatever your tastes and requirements, we can advise on affordable options without sacrificing in style.

Q. What engagement ring to buy

Deciding on the best engagement ring is a matter of personal style. We can show you all the options and possibilities for custom designs, as well as provide you with expert advice, but there are no rules and the choice is ultimately yours.

Q. When to wear an engagement ring

After the question’s been popped (if the answer is yes!) an engagement ring is worn throughout the engagement, and usually after the marriage as well. It signifies that you’ve become engaged and are committed to your partner.

Q. Which engagement ring setting is best?

The best ring setting depends on what stones you have, and how you want to show off those stones. At Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers, we design custom engagement rings according to your personal tastes, and can offer you expert advice on setting options.

Q. Is there an engagement ring for boys?

In this day and age, there are no rules when it comes to marrying the love of your life. Some men choose to wear engagement rings if the symbolism is meaningful to them. It is also common with same-sex couples.

Q. Are engagement ring sizes different?

Just like fingers come in all different sizes, engagement rings come in different sizes too. There are a few tricks to figuring out your partner’s size without tipping them off, but rings can often be resized if need be.

Q. When an engagement ring is too big

There’s a lot to consider when resizing an engagement ring, such as style, stone placement and patterns, but it can be done. Just let us know exactly how much smaller you need it, and the adjustment should not be noticeable.

Q. How an engagement ring should fit

Like any well-fitting ring, an engagement ring should be snug but not too tight. The stones should sit nicely without slipping to the side.

Q. My engagement ring is too small

There are ways to make a smaller ring, or smaller stones, seem larger. If you appreciate a flashier look, you will need something that gives volume. However, if the ring itself is too small for your finger, it can be resized.

Q. Can you get an engagement ring for chubby fingers?

Of course – rings can be made for any size finger. At Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers, we custom design according to size and personal style, and we encourage you to buy a ring that suits your finger.

Q. Is there an engagement ring for short fingers?

Of course – the length of your fingers won’t have any bearing on your ring size. At Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers, we custom design according to size and personal style, and we encourage you to buy a ring that suits your finger.

Q. Can engagement rings be resized?

Yes – engagement rings can be resized, but depending on the complexity of design, there’s a lot to consider. Any patterns, the position of stones, and how big or small you need it to be, are all factors which affect the process.

Q. How are engagement rings resized?

If a ring needs to be made bigger, a jeweller can roll the metal. When it needs to go up a size or two, an extra piece is added. Conversely, it can be cut to reduce its size.

Q. Are engagement rings silver?

An engagement ring could be silver, yes. Ideally, your ring will be as unique as your relationship, celebrating the personality of your partner and their individual style. They can be silver, gold, or other metal types like titanium or stainless steel.

Q. Can an engagement ring be silver?

Yes – if the wearer prefers silver, there’s no reason not to buy a silver engagement ring. It will be worn long-term, so it should be something that suits the wearer’s style. The more individualised the design, the more special it will be to them.

Q. Can an engagement ring be gold?

Yes – gold is quite a traditional choice for engagement rings so it is definitely not unusual. Yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are all popular options, allowing for some individuality.

Q. Engagement rings in gold versus platinum

Both gold and platinum are highly regarded when it comes to engagement rings, but the choice comes down to personal preference. They have a different shade and look, with platinum being closer to white, so it depends on what suits the wearer.

Q. What an engagement ring says about you

An engagement ring could say a lot. For some, a big stone is seen as a status symbol. For others, it simply says you’re engaged to be married – that you’re in love with somebody and they’ve asked you to marry them. It allows you to share this happy news with the world.

Q. Which engagement ring shape looks the biggest?

With a single stone, the bigger it is, the bigger it looks. However, with multiple stones there are options to create optical illusions for added volume. The halo style, for instance, was designed to give a bigger look for less cost.

Q. Can I get an engagement ring like Bella Swan’s?

Bella Swan’s engagement ring appears to contain multiple diamonds in an oval pave setting. Whether you’d like this ring exactly, or one that provides a similar aesthetic, Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers can create any design you bring to us.

Q. Can I get an engagement ring like Emily Ratajkowski’s?

Emily Ratajkowski designed her engagement ring herself, with pear and square cut diamonds. Whether you’d like this ring exactly, or one that provides a similar aesthetic, Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers can create any design you bring to us.

Q. Can I get an engagement ring like Princess Diana’s?

Princess Diana’s sapphire blue engagement ring is very well-known. Whether you’d like a replica of this ring exactly, or one that provides a similar aesthetic, Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers can create any design you bring to us.

Q. Can I get an engagement ring like Kate Middleton’s?

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is the same one that belonged to Princess Diana, and is now a wildly popular design. Whether you’d like a replica of this ring exactly, or one that provides a similar aesthetic, Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers can create any design you bring to us.

Q. Can I get an engagement ring like Meghan Markle’s?

Meghan Markle’s engagement ring contains stones from Princess Diana’s collection. Whether you’d like a replica of this ring exactly, or one that provides a similar aesthetic, Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers can create any design you bring to us.

Q. Engagement ring upgrades

Sometimes couples will find themselves in a better financial position after getting engaged, and may want to spend the money on an upgrade for engagement rings. You could upgrade the setting or stones to reflect your improved situation.

Q. Are engagement rings expensive?

Engagement rings can be expensive, but we will always work within your budget. There are ways to make stones look bigger and more impressive without breaking the bank, but this isn’t always necessary. Often, modern couples are content with humble engagements, and expensive rings can fall outside their budget, so we offer the best solutions for your price range.

Q. How much do people spend on engagement rings?

There’s no set amount that’s considered normal; some people spend enormous amounts on engagement rings while others place more value in the act than in the price tag. Our advice is to spend what you can afford, and we will help to create the perfect ring within your budget.

Q. Are engagement ring appraisals accurate?

Yes – when you seek a quality independent jeweller with experience, appraisals are very accurate.

Q. Are engagement ring warranties worth it?

With such a precious investment, warranties can help with peace of mind. At Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers, we guarantee our workmanship – if there is anything wrong with our rings, we take full responsibility for fixing them.

Q. When to insure an engagement ring

If you plan to get insurance for your engagement ring, it’s best to do so before you start wearing it. That way, nothing can go wrong before the insurance kicks in.

Q. How engagement ring insurance works

One way insurance may work is if you lose your engagement ring. After reporting it missing, you will hopefully receive a payout. If someone steals your ring, or if it gets damaged, insurance offers a financial compensation.

Q. Can engagement rings be returned?

Most jewellers will allow engagement rings to be returned, but due to our custom design process and the personalised service we provide, we do not allow returns. However, we do resize and upgrade as required.

Q. Can engagement rings go in a pool?

Yes – a well-crafted engagement ring is made to be worn every day, and is therefore surprisingly durable. However, certain chemicals may affect your ring over time, and you wouldn’t want it to slip off while swimming, so you may feel safer if you remove it beforehand.

Q. Engagement ring versus wedding ring

An engagement ring is for a proposal – typically, one is given as a surprise to a partner when asking them to get married. The following engagement period may be as long or short as the couple is comfortable with, and then a wedding ring is for the day of the ceremony.

Q. Can engagement rings be used as wedding rings?

If you wanted to have your engagement ring blessed, this is up to you. Traditionally, a wedding ring is blessed via the wedding ceremony, which gives it a different meaning to an engagement ring. However, we can do this for you if you’d like.

Q. Are wedding rings and engagement rings the same?

No – the engagement ring is presented during a proposal of marriage, whilst the wedding ring is presented during a wedding ceremony and symbolises the commitment of marriage.

Q. Which wedding ring goes on first?

Possibly due to the old myth about a vein leading directly from the ring finger to the heart, it’s common practice to put a wedding ring on first, and engagement ring afterwards. This would supposedly ensure the wedding ring was closer to the heart. Nowadays though, it’s all down to personal choice.

Q. Engagement ring and wedding band placement

Usually, a wedding ring will go on first, and then the engagement ring on top. Like most marriage conventions though, it’s up to you whether you follow tradition or do things your own way.

Q. What wedding ring goes with my engagement ring?

Finding a wedding ring that goes with your engagement ring will depend on your engagement ring’s style. This is something to be decided in the design stage, where we can advise you on your options and factor in whether or not they complement your engagement ring.

Q. Can I get a wedding ring to fit a halo engagement ring?

If you have a halo engagement ring and want to make sure your wedding ring complements it and sits comfortably on the same finger, we will guide you through your options in the design stage. At the end of the day it will depend on the style of the engagement ring.

Q. Can engagement rings be worn on the right hand?

Yes – there are plenty of reasons someone may choose to wear their engagement ring on the right hand, including culture, injuries, or just personal choice.

Q. Why do we wear wedding rings on the left hand?

Historically, the ring finger on the left hand was said to contain a vein that ran directly to the heart. This has proven to be a myth, but the placement is still sentimental for many. Other reasons may boil down to religion, nationality, or cultural background.

Q. Why a wedding ring is important

A wedding ring represents your relationship and the love you have between each other. Symbolically, a ring is never-ending, so it also suggests the continuous nature of a committed partnership.

Q. When to get a wedding ring

You will need to get a wedding ring after the engagement ring, during the preparations for your wedding day. You may want to begin the process as soon as you start planning, so you don’t have to rush through the design process.

Q. Which wedding ring is the best?

We all have different styles and tastes, and the best wedding ring for you is the one that suits your style and taste best. We will guide you through all of your options, so you’ll know you’ve made the right decision for you or your partner.

Q. Which wedding ring to buy

Aside from buying a wedding ring that suits your style, you may want to consider one which complements your engagement ring. When buying an engagement ring, it is wise to think ahead about wedding rings, and whether the style and design will suit the kind of wedding rings you’d like.

Q. Which wedding ring is for me?

During a consultation with Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers, we will find out which styles and designs suit you best, then help you to narrow down your options. The ring for you will be the ring you like the most.

Q. Who buys a wedding ring for a man?

In some cultures, it is the bride’s family who buys a wedding ring for the man. This will depend on cultural and religious background, but generally there are no set rules.

Q. How a wedding ring should fit

If it is a continuous pattern, the fit of a wedding ring is simple. However, if it has a pattern or stone combination, the ring should fit a little tighter, so that the focal point doesn’t slip to the side.

Q. What wedding ring size am I?

If you go to a good jeweller, you can ask them to size your finger and get an accurate measurement.

Q. When a wedding ring is too big

A wedding ring can be resized, but methods and outcomes will depend on the style. There is a lot to consider, such as stone placements, patterns, and the extent of the resizing that needs to be done.

Q. Can a wedding ring be made bigger

Yes – depending on the style, it’s possible to make a wedding ring bigger. If you are concerned about buying your partner something too big, there are a few tricks to get their ring size without tipping them off, which will save you the trouble of resizing later.

Q. Can wedding rings be stretched?

Yes – if it is a continuous width and depth, and there are no stones, a wedding ring can be stretched. Otherwise, extra pieces can be added to make a ring larger.

Q. Will wedding rings fit after pregnancy?

Whether or not your wedding ring will still fit after pregnancy is impossible to predict. Women may experience all kinds of changes, both common and rare. Depending on weight gain, ring size may be affected.

Q. Can a wedding ring be silver?

Yes – a wedding ring can absolutely be silver. If someone has a silver engagement ring, they may want a silver wedding ring to match. And if silver looks best on you, there’s no reason to go for anything else.

Q. Will a silver wedding ring last?

Silver is a softer metal. How long it will last depends on the quality of the ring that’s been made. If it is too thin and lightweight, it won’t last, but a well-crafted, good quality ring will.

Q. Are wedding ring prices negotiable?

Wedding ring prices are negotiable in some ways. For instance, you can have a matching engagement ring and wedding ring made simultaneously. This will be more convenient and cost-effective when they’re made at the same time.

Q. Are there wedding rings you can make payments for?

It is possible for us to organise payment plans, such as a monthly arrangement leading up to your wedding. This is something you can discuss with us during a call or consultation.

Q. Wedding rings you can put on layaway

It is possible for us to organise payment plans, such as a monthly arrangement leading up to your wedding, so this is something to discuss with us during a call or consultation.

Q. When a wedding ring is lost

It is important to have your wedding ring insured for this reason. Unlike an engagement ring, a wedding ring is blessed during the ceremony, so if you need to get it replaced it will no longer be the original, blessed ring.

Q. Wedding rings electricians can wear

It can sometimes be safest to remove a wedding ring or wear gloves at work. An electrician may risk injuring themselves if their ring catches on something, regardless of style or design.

Q. Wedding rings you can work out in

Most wedding rings are fine metal – gold, platinum, or silver. If you’re doing something like lifting weights, that fine metal will be pushing against the nailed grip of the bar, potentially causing damage. Fingerless gloves might be one solution, or you could take off the ring until you’re finished.

Q. How to clean a wedding ring

To get a wedding ring cleaned and restored, you should take it to a quality jeweller for refurbishment. You can buy ultra-sonic cleaners online, but for an affordable price, we offer the service with guaranteed results.

Q. Is there a wedding ring you can't cut off?

If you’re looking for the strongest metal to use for your wedding ring, it will be steel or titanium.

Q. Can wedding ring rash spread?

A rash can occur around your ring if dirt or moisture gets trapped under it. Some people react this way to different metals as well. If a rash is spreading, see your doctor, but if it remains local you may just need your wedding ring cleaned.

Q. Will a wedding ring stick to a magnet?

No – the metals used for wedding rings are not magnetic.

Q. My wedding ring finger can't move

If you are experiencing pain or lack of mobility in your ring finger, it is unlikely to be related to your wedding ring. You may have broken it and it would be best to see a doctor.

Q. Wedding ring vs eternity ring

A wedding ring is worn from your wedding day onwards, whereas an eternity ring is usually given to mark a significant anniversary, such as the first year of marriage or the birth of a child. Typically, an eternity ring will have stones all the way around the band, while a wedding ring is more simple.

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