Q. What are the main differences between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?
Unlike wedding rings, which tend to have a simpler design suggestive of commitment rather than celebration, an engagement ring typically is a bit more extravagant. Many different types and arrangements can be used, depending on personal taste. Here at Burgundy Bespoke we can help to form any ideas you might have into your dream piece, and bring it to life!
Q. What engagement ring should I buy?
Your engagement ring should be one that you like – it’s going to be with you for life! It should suit your personal style as well as your lifestyle, and fit your budget. Whatever your tastes and requirements, we can advise on affordable options without sacrificing in style.
Q. Do men typically wear engagement rings?
Historically, it was typically women who wore engagement rings. However, it is now increasingly common for men to wear engagement rings too as a display of commitment and love. Burgundy Bespoke specialises in rings for both men and women, and can even help design matching engagement rings.
Q. How should an engagement ring fit?
Engagement rings and wedding bands should be comfortably snug on your finger, to prevent them slipping off or to the side. We can size your ring for you, and if you’re buying for someone else and aren’t exactly sure what size they need don’t worry; we offer free resizing on all rings bought from Burgundy Bespoke.
Q. Can you create an engagement ring for thick or short fingers?
Of course! We’re pros at creating rings to flatter any hand whilst also accounting for your personal preferences and style. Book a free consultation with us to get advice about the best shapes and styles for your hand.
Q. Do you resize engagement rings?
We offer free resizing on all rings purchased with us so you don’t have to worry if the fit isn’t perfect. Not sure what ring size you need? We will help advise you on how to find this out.
Q. What's the best metal for an engagement ring?
Engagement rings can be made from most metals. Silver, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum are popular choices. While different metals can achieve different looks, it’s also important to consider the price and durability of your chosen metal too. If you need advice about the best metal for your design, skin tone or lifestyle, please contact us or book a free consultation to discuss your options.
Q. Can I get an engagement ring inspired by a celebrity's?
Burgundy Bespoke specialises in creating dream rings, including ones inspired by celebrities. We can either create a ring almost identical to your inspo ring, or we can adopt elements of it but still make it your own. Get in touch with us to start designing!
Q. Can I upgrade my engagement ring at a later date?
Sometimes couples will find themselves in a better financial position after getting engaged, and may want to upgrade their engagement rings to reflect their improved situation or to get the ring they originally dreamed of but couldn’t afford. This can be achieved by adding or changing the stones, or upgrading the setting. Whatever you desire, Burgundy Bespoke is able to help. We have an incredible network within the industry and are able to maximise your budget, so you can get the most for your money.
Q. How much will my engagement ring cost?
Engagement rings can be expensive, but we will always work within your budget. There are ways to make stones look bigger and more impressive without breaking the bank, but this isn’t always necessary. One of the benefits of getting a bespoke engagement ring is that you can choose which elements of the ring to spend more on and where to budget, meaning you can get your dream ring for considerably less. Here at Burgundy Bespoke we’ll maximise your budget and ensure you get the absolute best for your money.
Q. What's your warranty and returns policy?
Due to our custom design process and the personalised service we provide, we do not allow returns. However, we do resize our rings for free and can carry out upgrades if required. For information on our warranty, please visit: https://burgundybespokejewellers.com.au/warranty-guarantee/
Q. Is engagement ring insurance worth it?

Choosing whether to insure your engagement ring is a completely personal decision, depending on whether you feel it would be worthwhile. However, take into consideration that if your ring is damaged, stolen or lost, it isn’t covered under our warranty and you would be responsible for the cost of replacing or repairing it. Ring insurance can help with this by providing compensation in the event that something were to go wrong.

Q. When should I remove my engagement ring?
Whilst all of the precious metals we use are of the highest quality, we recommend removing your engagement ring whilst working out, swimming, or carrying out any hands-on activity where your ring might catch or get damaged.
Q. Can I get a wedding band to match my engagement ring?
Of course you can! We can create wedding bands to compliment any engagement ring, regardless of shape, style or size. For inspiration, check the ‘Our Jewellery’ part of our website, and if you have any questions or need advice, send us an email or give us a call!
Q. Which wedding ring is best for me?
During a consultation with Burgundy Bespoke, we will explore which styles and designs suit you best, then help you to narrow down your options. The ring for you will be the one that makes you feel butterflies when you put it on!
Q. Who buys a wedding ring for a man?

In some cultures, it is the bride’s family who buys a wedding ring for the man. This will depend on cultural and religious background, but generally there are no set rules.

Q. Can I pay for my engagement ring in installments?
It is possible for us to organise payment plans according to your situation. This is something we can discuss during a call or free consultation.
Q. How do I care for my engagement or wedding ring?
If your ring is from us, then it’ll be made to last. However, you can take care of it day to day by removing it before handling any harsh chemicals, going swimming, or carrying out any labour intensive activity. In terms of cleaning, you can buy ultra-sonic cleaners online but they’re not suitable for all stones, such as salt-and-pepper diamonds, due to the irregularities in the stone’s structure. For peace of mind, we recommend getting your jewellery professionally cleaned, and we offer the service for an affordable price with guaranteed results.
Q. What's the difference between a wedding ring and an eternity ring?

A wedding ring is worn from your wedding day onwards, whereas an eternity ring is usually given to mark a significant anniversary, such as the first year of marriage or the birth of a child. Typically, an eternity ring will have stones all the way around the band, while a wedding ring is more simple.

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