Why Brisbane Couples Prefer Bespoke Jewellery

March 6, 2024

Convenience beyond compare with expert knowledge:

“Initially Michael came out to Cleveland to discuss the options for an engagement ring with my fiance and I. He is very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about what he does. Following this initial meeting just Michael and I communicated to keep some element of ‘surprise’. We chose a lab diamond ring with a real diamond band. My fiance is thrilled. We will definitely go back to Michael for the wedding rings. He is very friendly and approachable and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Whatever you do, don’t go to the high street jewellers – meet with Michael instead.”

Testimonial from David

Budget friendly and great for people with little knowledge about rings: 

“Michael was very helpful for myself who had no idea about rings or diamonds. He was supportive no matter the budget or the design and created something my partner absolutely loved. We will now also be using him to create our wedding rings too.”

Testimonial from Joshua Thompson

Professional, LGBQT friendly and personalised experience:

“Michael was fantastic – easy to communicate with and such a professional. He came for a consultation to our home to get a brief from my partner and I on our ring tastes and styles. From there he drafted up great graphics that showed us details of how our rings would look, we were then able to ask for alterations and suggestions. He has the patience of an angel!
He custom designed two beautiful ladies engagement rings that we have not taken off! Very happy and we will be getting our wedding bands design by Michael also. We went with Platinum and Yellow Gold options with classic designs. Michael managed to set a tricky 2.5ct Trillion for my partner, which some jewellers had told us would be a challenge they weren’t up to.

NOTE: Don’t be fooled by the stereotype that Bespoke means $$$, Michael is a true professional and offers quality over and above, but can cater to all tastes and price points.”

Testimonial from Marie

Trustworthy with sentimental jewellery and full of incredible ideas to create something new and unique:

“I’ve known Michael for a while but only just managed to have a project for him, my grandmothers opal ring, which needed resetting.
The ring holds a special memory for me as my grandmother and i almost share a birthday in October (5th/6th) and she bequeathed the ring to me when she died. The stone is lovely but the setting was old fashioned, claw style and the gold was also wearing thin. Every time I wore it, I worried the stone would fall out. But I had no idea what I really wanted to do, so it sat in my jewellery box, getting sadder and loosing it’s lustra (opals like to be worn). Then I sat down with Michael and we brainstormed a little. He had a couple of amazing ideas and when I saw his design for the ring, I was so impressed!  We played around with the addition of other stones and I ended up going with just the Opal in a unique setting that flowed so well. I couldn’t wait to see the ring and it turned out even better than I expected! Now Im wearing it with pride, and it looks amazing, with the stone polished and set so beautifully. 
I love Michael’s work. It’s unique, he genuinely cares, pays attention to every detail and his charges are real value for money. he presents your items so beautifully too.”

Testimonial from Lauren Clement

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