Wedding Rings Brisbane

June 30, 2020

So you have the perfect engagement ring, no doubt hours were spent on researching prior to purchasing, now its time to choose the wedding ring. Few couples realise when getting engaged that choosing your wedding rings can require just as much research and careful thought. When you engage Brisbane’s Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers to craft your wedding rings, you are guaranteed the perfect match to your personalities and that long considered engagement ring.

Banding Together

A simple band is easy enough to find in stores, but so often the range is severely limited. If you have been on the hunt for wedding rings in Brisbane, you’ve no doubt been disappointed in the options. Particularly for men as so often a standard plain band is all there is to choose from. Having the choice to add a precious stone, create texture and style is ideal. Additionally, if you have an unusually shaped engagement ring, you may find it hard to match a standard band beside it. Choosing the right wedding band can enhance the overall look of your engagement ring too – don’t let a standard band detract from it.

Let Us Match You To The Perfect Ring

At Burgundy Bespoke we are committed to perfection. We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives and the exchanging of rings, one of the most exciting moments of the day. We love working with couples to create unique pieces that accurately represent the wearer, are functional and most of all – beautiful. All our stones and metals are responsibly and ethically sourced and our jewellers highly experienced with over 40 years in the industry. You can trust us with your big day.

If you want hand-crafted and unique wedding bands, contact us today on 0452 266 359

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