5 emotional benchmarks you should reach before getting engaged

December 4, 2017

We love it when people get engaged but we love it even more when they’re ready to get engaged. You see when you get married you want it to last and that means you need to have hit a few emotional benchmarks to be sure that you’re emotionally compatible. Here are the 5 most important in our experience:

Surviving A Major Fight

Look, you can’t talk about spending forever with someone If you’ve no idea how they behave when things go wrong. It’s easy to be “in love” when you’re all flowers and puppies but it’s the challenges in life that make or break our love for someone.

You want to know if they cuddle, talk things through, or start throwing your record collection out of the window when stuff hits the fan. You’d be amazed at how many amazing relationships flounder at this benchmark. So, don’t engineer a row but do make sure you know how you handle this together before proposing.

Tackling A Major Life Challenge Together

There are all sorts of big challenges in life. Changing jobs, taking a promotion, losing a parent, buying a pet, etc. There’s no shortage of opportunities to find out whether your partner is a disaster unless it’s fair weather.

If you want to grow old with someone, you want to know that they’ll have your back and bring support to the table when you need it.

Meeting Each Other’s’ Families

Families are a huge challenge but trust us on this, it’s a rare couple that lives happily ever after without some form of relationship with each other’s family. That doesn’t mean you have to become besties with your father in-law but it does mean that you should be OK with their company and that they should be OK with you being with their child.

This may take a little time but it’s worth doing. Coming between families is rarely a winning tactic in life.

You’ve Thrashed Out A Budget Together

Money matters. Let’s not pretend it doesn’t. You can fantasize about the amazing life together but if one or both of you can’t manage money – you’re begging for misery down the road.

Planning a budget together means being honest about finances and making sure that you each understand what’s expected of you as part of a couple rather than as an individual. Some couples find this benchmark a breeze and others find it their biggest challenge but it is absolutely essential either way.

You’ve Come To A Clear Understanding About Each Other’s’ Sexual Needs

We don’t like to get into other people’s bedrooms but when you sign up to a lifetime together – you’re going to spend much of that life in the bedroom. Make sure that you can both communicate honestly about your sexual desires and that you’re not hiding your innermost needs from each other. Couples, that communicate well together, last.

If you’re ready to propose because you know that you’ve hit your emotional benchmarks. Then call us and let’s talk about the ring that you’re going to do it with.

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