5 things to discuss before getting engaged

November 28, 2017

Getting engaged can be the biggest step of your life but before you get engaged, it’s a good idea to make sure that a marriage is going to start in the right way. That means talking to your beloved and sorting out the basics. That way when you get engaged you can focus on being happy and not worry about the important issues in life.

Finances: In Particular The Current State Of Your Debt And How It’s Going To Be Cleared

There’s no avoiding this and it’s really the biggest discussion of every relationship. Money is the number one reason that relationships fail and you need to ensure that you’re not entering a relationship with a high chance of misery.

You need to ensure that if your partner (or you) is in debt that you have a plan to get out of debt. That’s the foundation of a successful marriage.

Children: Do You Want Them And If So How Many And When?

You can’t make someone want children or expect someone who does want children to give up on that dream for you. People do change over time but in our experience, people rarely compromise on this one issue.

So ask about how things are going to go when it comes to children before you pop the question. It might save you on an almighty fight later down the road.

Household Chores: Who Is Going To Do What?

Sometimes, it helps to get practical. Couples rarely split their chores fifty-fifty and they rarely divide them in a fair or consistent way and you’d be surprised to learn that this rarely matters – what does matter is that the chores were discussed and that both parties get to do some things they like and that they both feel like the other one is trying to contribute.

This might be a little dull but it’s a great way to build a framework for long-term cooperation in your relationship.

Religious Obligations: Getting Married And What About The Children?

Religion may not even matter to you or your partner, until you get engaged. At that point family faiths, etc. come into play and people start to expect things of each of you.

It’s important to know what your partner expects you to do on this front. You might have to change religion for some marriages in other cases there may be no expectations at all. Find out.

The Sexual Side Of Things: A Lifetime Of Monogamy?

Sex might not sound romantic (though we think it can be) but it’s a very important thing to talk about. You’re talking about a lifetime of monogamy in marriage. So, you might want to be clear about what your needs are and vice-versa. After money, sex is the biggest cause of headaches (quite literally sometimes) in relationships, it’s best to have this out in the open before you marry.

If you’ve had these conversations and you think you’re ready to get wed – it’s time to talk to us about arranging the right ring for the occasion.

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