5 Things Every Couple Must Discuss Before Getting Engaged

November 5, 2018

You’ve found your Mr. or Mrs. Right and now is the time to ask the big questions that will ultimately change your life for the better.

Planning a proposal can be one of the most exciting moments in your life, and a memory that you will cherish forever. And while it’s nice to be swept up in the romance with your partner, getting engaged can make you overlook the nitty gritty aspects in a relationship. To help get you started, here are 5 things every couple must discuss before getting engaged!

1 – Finances

Considering money problems are one of the leading causes of stress in a relationship, it makes sense to discuss each other’s finances, spending and saving habits. You should know your partner’s financial standing, including any debts they owe, their long-term goals and any financial obstacles. This will prevent any misunderstandings in the future.

2 – Family

Do you want children, and if so, how many and when? It is important to be on the same page regarding what you both want in terms of a family if you want to have one at all. Raising children is no small feat so being open and honest about where you both stand will allow you both to see if you have a united parenting style.

3 – Leisure

Many new couples in love want to spend every waking moment together. But after the honeymoon stage, couples often are left realising they have more differences than common interests. Knowing your partner’s interests and supporting their passion is a critical foundation for any relationship.

4 – Relationship History

Love it or not, your relationship history shaped the person you are today, including your personality traits and insecurities. At times, bringing up past relationships can feel awkward but it’s helpful as it relates to further strengthening your current relationship with each other.

5 – In-laws/ extended families 

It’s often said that when you marry someone, you’re marrying into their entire family! Asking the right questions also shows that you’re willing to put in effort and commitment in the relationship. Understanding each other’s family dynamics is essential, because the last thing you want is to leave a bad impression to your future in-laws.

Finally, you are both ready for the discussion of the proposal and finding the right engagement ring! Get expert advice and gorgeous designs by contacting me here.

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