The Perfect Engagement Ring: How to Drop the Right Hints

August 15, 2017

Love isn’t about material possessions. Yet, an engagement ring often becomes a symbol of commitment, a piece meant to stand the test of time. As a significant investment, it’s essential that this token of love doesn’t just become another piece of jewelry. To help you and your partner find the perfect engagement ring, here are some subtle (and not so subtle) ways to hint at your ideal ring. 

1.Picture Perfect Hints

Ever thought about harnessing the power of visuals? Consider leaving your dream ring Pinterest board open on your laptop or subtly direct your partner to your favorite jeweler’s Instagram, like the exquisite pieces from Burgundy Bespoke. Another tactic? Casually point out engagement ring photos in magazines, detailing precisely what captivates you about each design.

2.Shop for the Ring – Together!

Add some excitement to your regular mall visits. The next time you pass by a jeweler, express a desire to browse. And who knows? A spontaneous try-on session could lead to finding “the one.” If you’re keen on a more structured approach, set a date to formally shop for rings together.

3.Enlist a Trusted Confidante

Share your engagement ring preferences with a close friend or family member. Give them insights into your desired style, setting, and cut. Equip them with photos or access to your Pinterest board to ensure they know exactly what to relay if your partner seeks their advice.

4.Keep an Element of Surprise

Mention other friends’ or family members’ rings to subtly convey your preferences without making it seem too directed. This approach ensures your partner feels they’re making a choice that’s authentic to them, while also aligning with your tastes.

5.Co-Design Your Dream Ring

Love the idea of a bespoke engagement ring? Communicate this to your partner before the proposal. Delve into designing the ring together, ensuring both voices are heard. Discover designers that resonate with you both, and embark on a journey to craft a unique piece.

At Burgundy Bespoke, we celebrate love by helping couples design rings that tell their unique love story. Instead of sifting through magazine clippings, book an appointment with us. Let’s explore style recommendations, ensuring that when the time is right, your partner knows precisely where to find inspiration. 

Ready to begin? Dive into the world of diamonds and ‘start with a stone’ using Burgundy’s online diamond selection service. Your journey to the perfect engagement ring begins with just one click. 

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