5 Ways To Involve Your Children When You Get Engaged

August 27, 2018

It’s 2018 and that means it’s not unusual for people to get married who already have children. It can be really valuable to get your kids involved in your engagement proposal, as it helps them understand your commitment and reassures them that they are still important to you.

I’ve got 5 great ways to get your kids involved when you decide to pop the question to your partner:

  1. Ask your children to bait the hook for you. They can help lead your partner to the place you intend to go down on one knee in. It can be nice to do this around a family getaway such as a jaunt to the beach or the park. Do it right, they’ll be so focused on what the kids are doing, the engagement will come as a complete surprise!
  2. Make them part of the actual proposal. You can ask your kids to hold up signs with the question written on. You can get them to help decorate the environment that you’re going to ask in. If you’re going to sing a proposal (a bold move, if we do say so) they might be able to offer a little harmonization to go with it. This is really sweet and in my experience, it melts hearts every time.
  3. You could run a scavenger hunt. The final goal, of course, is for your partner to find the ring. Your kids can help lead your beloved through the process of following clues and they can assist with thinking up meaningful locations to leave clues at. They may also be able to help stash the clues themselves which can really take the pressure off around that big moment in your lives.
  4. Have them present the ring. I like to go all out with this one. Get a nice red pillow (or something equal luxurious looking) and have your smallest child offer it up while you are doing the “will you marry me?” routine. If you have other children, don’t leave them out, get them to take photos (or videos) of the proposal. That way you’ll all have a memory to treasure and share over and over again.
  5. Make the engagement party kid-friendly. This doesn’t mean “no booze” but rather it means thinking about you can incorporate the whole family into the first big public celebration of your eventual permanent commitment with your partner. However, don’t forget to allot some “child-free alone time” at some point in the evening. This should be an intimate celebration of two people too.

The days when kids were supposed to come after marriage are long gone, thankfully. So, when it comes to your special proposal – why not use them to make that proposal extra unique? I like unique.

I like it so much that every ring I design is one-of-a-kind. That way you can say, “marry me?” in a way that no-one else has ever done. That’s because your partner is worth it. Contact me to discuss how to get your bespoke engagement ring, today.

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