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Before the cynics unite and say that rings have nothing to do with love or marriage. But let’s be practical. An engagement ring is a big investment, and unlike most jewellery that goes in and out of style over time, this is one piece that should look and feel timeless. Make their search for the perfect ring easier by dropping the right clues.

Show Them a Picture

Find clever ways to show your partner a picture of your favourite setting, cut, and style. A Valentine’s Day card works and leaving your laptop open on your dream ring Pinterest board or your favourite jewellers’ Instagram feed will definitely get the point across. A subtle way.

While perusing magazines, point out pictures of rings you like and casually mention what you like about them. Or give the photos to a close friend and let them decide what to do with them.

Shop Together for the Ring

While walking past a jewellery store, casually express interest in stopping in and taking a look. Depending on the store, the salesperson will likely ask if you’d like to try anything on. A bolder option: Decide on a time to formally shop for rings together.

Have a Friend or Family Member Go with Them

Let your close friend or family member know what you like and don’t like. If there’s one ring in particular you love, tell your friend and tell them exactly what it is that you like about it in case they don’t go for that exact one. Prepare your friend or family member with access to your Pinterest account password and plenty of photos so they know what to look for. When it seems like they are fishing for ring hints, you’ll be able to confidently send them to talk to your close confidante.

Ask for a Surprise

Mention your favourite settings, cut, colour, and style in passing to make it clear to them what you like, the best way to do this without it seeming out of place or obvious is to mention friends or family members’ rings so it doesn’t come off like you’re trying to point them to a specific one (remember you want it to be their choice!). Then put the ball in their court by telling them that you love their style and you’re sure they’ll choose something gorgeous. And, just in case, make it clear if there are ring styles that you would never wear.

Design it Together

An obvious point, but very important: Make it clear to them that you would like a custom-made ring before they propose. Then come up with ring ideas together and make it a couple’s project. Make sure they have a say too — ask them what they think about certain elements and incorporate their suggestions into the overall design. Do research to find a designer that you both like, and then commission the ring together.

We have a lot of options for you to custom design your ring so you can work on it together.

If cutting magazine pages out isn’t for you, come and talk to us to create your very own where you can get style recommendations. When you’re ready, drop a hint for your partner and share your ideas!