Buying a Diamond Ring – Using the 4 Cs

August 28, 2017

When it’s time to say, “I love you” there is nothing better to signify and seal your love than a beautiful diamond ring.

Finding the perfect diamond ring for that special person in your life is quite a challenging task. However, with us by your side, you’ll find it a whole lot easier.

Learn more about diamonds with the 4 Cs

Cut – when we speak of the cut we are more interested in the proportions of the diamond as opposed to its shape. It is incredibly important to how a diamond looks. A diamond is cut in a certain way so that the light comes into it, reflects around it and then should leave the diamond straight out of the top facet (the flat side of the diamond). 

A lot of diamonds sold on the internet have this against them, they may look good on paper but when you get to see them in real life it’s often a different story.

Colour – diamonds come naturally in every colour of the rainbow. However, most people select white diamonds. The body colour in white diamonds is from D (colourless, which are of the most value) to Z (light yellow/brown).

We usually try to stick with diamonds of D to I colours because if you select a diamond lower than an I you will start to see tinges of yellow, and you don’t want that!

Clarity – is determined by the amount and location of flaws, or blemishes, in the diamond. Most diamonds contain very tiny birthmarks known as “inclusions.” The fewer the inclusions or blemishes, the more beautiful the diamond will be.

Carat – this indicates the weight of the diamond, which is measured in carats and points, a bit like dollars and cents. There are 100 points to one carat and the bigger the diamond weight, the rarer it is and so the more expensive it becomes.

Don’t rush into your Diamond Gold Coast purchase. Take your time and evaluate your choice carefully. It took billions (yes, billions) of years for nature to form your diamond and the skill of a master diamond cutter to bring your diamond to you. The time you spend now can bring you a lifetime of pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness.

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