Weddings are awesome but before you can get to “I do.” You need to ensure you have the rings sorted out. Choosing an engagement ring should not be rushed and ideally, you want to go bespoke, so that your ring is as unique as your relationship. Your partner will be wearing their ring for life and it ought to be special.

However, a lot of couples spend a lot of time thinking about the stone but not very much about the setting for their engagement ring. The setting is just as important. So, let’s make sure you’re heading in the right direction when choosing your setting:

Look At The Wedding Ring

Some people like bespoke rings Gold Coast & Brisbane that blends with the wedding ring or even one that stacks on top of it. Others like the engagement ring to overshadow the wedding ring in degrees of “fanciness” and others like the wedding ring to do all the talking.

If you think about the relationship between the two rings, you can start to narrow down your choices (there are a lot) to something that suits you.

Consider A Fully Matched Set

One idea that I like is for all three rings, the two wedding rings and the Bespoke Jewellery in Gold Coast & Brisbane (though many couples are going for two engagement rings now too and that’s fine)  to have a theme running through them.

This makes it obvious when a couple is out together that they are joined in marriage. It’s romantic and also double the protection against singletons on the prowl.

Look At Your Lifestyle

Is your engagement ring going to the gym or out clubbing when you hit the dancefloor? If so, it may need to be a little more practical than one only worn to the office and at home. If you’re going to wear it around a lot of people, you definitely don’t want a design that can catch on somebody else’s clothes.

More Stones Requires More Complexity

You don’t have to stop with a single diamond stone and many people don’t want to. If you’re going to incorporate more than one stone (or even a mix of stones like diamonds and sapphires) then you’re going to want a setting better designed to display those stones.

A pave setting might be appropriate here, for example.

What’s The Message Of The Rings?

This is the most important point of all. You’re trying to capture the love you feel for each other in a ring. That love is unique and special and it’s all about the two of you. Talk to a bespoke jeweller, like myself about the way you feel – it can make all the difference when selecting the right setting and gem combination.

I love engagement rings, I can’t think of anything in life that is happier than two people choosing to spend their lives together. I want those rings to be special. So, please, when you’re ready to talk about choosing an engagement ring, call me and I’ll take care of things.

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