Do I Have To Wear My Wedding Ring On The Left Hand?

March 19, 2018

Wedding rings are the absolute symbol of a lifetime of commitment together. But how do you display the ring properly to ensure that it telegraphs the appropriate message? Is it mandatory for the wedding ring to go on the left ring finger?

A Trip Back In Time

There is, of course, a short answer to this question, “No, it’s not mandatory.” But that’s also a boring answer, so let’s take a trip back in time without a TARDIS and visit ancient Rome.

When the Romans weren’t invading other countries, and getting up to naughty things behind closed doors, they were a romantic people. That meant they spent a bit of time thinking about where someone should wear a wedding ring (yes, wedding rings were a thing 2,000 years ago – this is real tradition we’re talking about).

They came to the conclusion that the right place is the ring finger (the fourth finger to some) on the left hand not because of an arbitrary ruling but because they believed it was connected by a vein directly to the heart.

This was the “vena amoris” or the vein of love. So, the ring was a symbol of two hearts being connected together. Which is romantic even if this talk of veins is not as romantic.

The Exceptions To The Rule

However, it’s worth pointing out that while those lovely Romans have influenced many Western civilizations including our own. There are plenty of places around Europe that went their own way when it came to wedding rings.

Countries such as Austria, (parts of) Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Russia, and Ukraine are fans of wearing the ring on the right-hand side of the body.

This means you can concoct a nice romantic tale that allows you to wear the ring on your right hand if you want to and there are plenty of places in the world where no-one will blink an eye if you do.

Greeks are a little peculiar, however, because in Greece they wear their weddings on the right but when Greek couples go out into the world, they tend to change hand to fit the local fashion. So, they’re the ambidextrous ring wearers of love. Which is a wonderful title.

Over in India and much of the Muslim world, the left hand is associated with, well… let’s not go there on a polite website but let’s just say it’s not very clean. So, everyone wore their rings on the right because it would have been a grave insult to do otherwise. This remains true in many Muslim countries but today, Indians don’t much care and they wear their wedding ring on whichever hand they prefer.

In Conclusion

So, it really doesn’t matter which hand you choose to place a wedding ring on. It’s the marriage that matters most. That and the quality of the ring itself which needs to demonstrate a lifetime of loving commitment. I can’t help you with the love, you have to supply that yourselves, but I can help you with the ring. Contact me and find out how today.

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