Dos And Don’ts When Getting Engaged

August 6, 2018

If you’d like your marriage proposal to be well-received for all the right reasons, then you need an engagement proposal strategy. Here are some do’s and some don’ts to make sure your proposal goes without a hitch:


  • Make it meaningful – Choose a location for the proposal that is special to you both. The scene of your first kiss or your first date can be the perfect place to start the romance flowing before you ask the question.
  • Think about public vs private – Don’t shine a spotlight on someone unless you’re 100% sure they will love it. And unless you’re 100% sure they will say, “yes!” Some people love a show but if they don’t, they won’t thank you for making them into one.
  • Use a cover story – Don’t say “let’s go out and get engaged tonight”, think of a good reason to take your lover to the place you intend to go down on one knee. Be bold and use a story that gets them excited and happy.
  • Think about their state of mind – Try not to propose at the end of a hard day’s work or following a job interview. Pick a time where their mood is likely to be conducive to love and happiness.
  • Have a backup plan – even the best ideas can go wrong. If you’re going to propose on the beach, the middle of a thunderstorm is not the right time for it. Have somewhere else in mind if things go astray and make it easy to move from one to the other.


  • Be trendy – Don’t pick your location for your proposal because it’s popular today. It won’t be tomorrow. Trends don’t last. Be classic rather than trendy. You’ll be glad you did on your anniversary.
  • Forget the legal stuff – Seriously, everybody has to do the paperwork. Get this done as soon after you get engaged as possible. It really sucks to be told, “you’re not getting married” after you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a wedding.
  • Try to keep it a secret – the more people you tell that you’re going to pop the question, the higher the chance that it’s no longer a surprise when you do. If you use a vendor as part of the arrangements, make sure they know it’s a secret too.
  • Forget to dress for it – even if you wear nothing but a tank top, shorts and thongs all year round, dress up to propose. It’s a once in a lifetime event. Make sure that you’ve made yourself look like marriage material.
  • Forget what comes next – who are you going to tell? How will you share the news? What’s next? Be ready for it.

Every engagement proposal is unique. That’s how it should be. You will only do this once and only you will do it for your partner. The only thing you need on top of your proposal is a ring.

If you’d like your ring to be as unique as your proposal, give me a call – I can help with that. You’ll be glad that you did.

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