Gratitude: 10 Tips For Living A Happy And Healthy Married Life

September 11, 2017

If you’re grateful to be getting married, then you’ll want to ensure that you have a long and fulfilling marriage ahead. Here are our top ten tips for doing just that:

  1. Don’t try and change each other. You love them today, love them tomorrow without trying to mold them into someone else. Couples who appreciate the other person and respect who they are last longest.
  2. Pay them regular compliments. Don’t neglect telling your partner what you like about them. You don’t want them to feel like they are being taken for granted, do you?
  3. Talk about the positive past. You’re in charge of what you remember from your past. Pick good times and happy memories and you build a happy future. Pick the bad times and dwell on them and you’ll be much less happy.
  4. Listen to each other. And especially when your partner’s having a terrible day. Sure, it may be a bit draining to listen to each other’s problems but the alternative is finding someone else to listen. That’s how affairs start and marriages come to an end. Don’t be that couple.
  5. Break up the routine. Yes, you’ve promised to be together all your lives that doesn’t mean that every day should be identical to the last. You have to break up the routine every now and again and do things to strengthen your bond.
  6. Get the chores done together. Nobody likes chores. That’s why they are called chores. But if you do them together, you can make them less energy sapping and more fun. You wash, let them dry, then turn it around next time.
  7. Get physical together. No, we’re not talking in the bedroom. We mean exercise with each other. Exercise releases a ton of hormones responsible for both happiness and human bonding. It’s like having a long hug together but one that keeps you in shape and sexy for the bedroom exercise later in the day.
  8. Walk together. A 30-minute walk once a week has been shown to help couples find space to talk to each other and be involved in each other’s lives. This as you might expect is pretty good for a long-lasting relationship.
  9. Communicate clearly. It’s OK to be unhappy but it’s not OK to be a passive aggressive sulker about that. If you want your partner to accept your feelings, you need to be clear about those feelings and explain what and why you are feeling how you are.
  10. Work on mutual goals. It’s healthy to set goals within your relationship and to review progress towards those goals. This makes you feel like a team focused on being together. It also helps you get stuff done.

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