How To Look After Handmade Jewellery

May 6, 2018

Bespoke jewellery is, by definition, handmade jewellery and that means a lot of care and attention goes into the creation of the piece. It also means that you are going to have to take care of your jewellery a little more than with machined jewellery too.

Why Do I Need To Take Care Of Handmade Jewellery?

By and large mass production jewellery still needs some care, or it will tarnish and stain. Yet, the pieces themselves are usually poorly fashioned (this is often true even of expensive pieces) and any damage to the design often goes unnoticed.

With a unique piece made by hand, there tends to be more intricate detail and you want to preserve that detail as well as avoid any tarnish to the piece itself.

So here are my tips for taking care of your jewellery:

Store It Well

An untidy tangle of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets is literally begging for something to get caught and broken or damaged. It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s handmade – jewellery should be stored properly.

Use ring boxes for rings and broaches. Bracelets and necklaces go on hooked stands. Any silver pieces want to go in air tight enclosures to reduce the tarnishing process as much as possible.

Clean Your Jewellery Regularly

This doesn’t take much in the way of rocket science. Cleaning jewellery is pretty easy. You clean out the dust, bits of makeup, etc. by working with the pieces.

That means buy a cleaning solution appropriate for the piece. Don’t use silver cleaner on gemstones, for example.

If in doubt and in an emergency, use a gentle warm solution of soapy water to shift immediate stains but in the long run – get the cleaning solutions, soapy water won’t remove the tarnish.

Protect Your Jewellery From Yourself

The time that jewellery is most likely to suffer damage is, unsurprisingly, when you are wearing it. A piece in a drawer at home isn’t risking very much by comparison.

It’s best not to wear your jewellery when you swim or sunbathe. Not only are you at risk of losing the piece but the chlorine bleach, salt in the sea and suntan lotion are not recommended cleaning materials for handmade jewellery.

Slip off your rings, bangles, etc. when you are lifting something heavy. If your fingers bend too far, so may the piece. Plus, this prevents the jewellery from causing you any injury while lifting – a win-win situation.

Human sweat is not a piece’s friend either so if you go jogging or to the gym, try to leave the jewellery in the locker. It’s the best way to go.

Of course, in order to protect your handmade jewellery in Brisbane & Gold coast, you need some bespoke jewellery to begin with. That’s where I come in. If you’re getting engaged, married or have another jewellery need you’ll find that a unique piece is probably in your budget and it can last for a lifetime with the right care. Contact me and I’ll explain how.

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