The Importance Of Wedding And Engagement Rings

January 15, 2018

We get asked this question quite a bit, “Why rings? Why don’t people celebrate their love and commitment with some other piece of jewellery? What’s so special about rings?”

The good news is that there is an answer to this question and we’ve not been part of some ring industry scheme to pull the wool over lovers’ eyes for centuries. Rings are full of symbolism and that symbolism has been with us for a very long time. In fact, even in the times of the Pharaohs people were gave their partner a wedding ring on their wedding day and this is why:

Forever Is Captured Perfectly In A Ring

There’s a reason that rings are circular. The circle symbolizes something going on forever (e.g. a circle has no beginning and no end just continuity). It’s the best way to communicate that you want to be with someone forever and that your commitment is unbreakable.

Also, the wedding ring was supposed to be worn on the fourth finger of your left hand for a reason too. That’s because it was the finger that ancient people’s believed was “closest to the heart” (they thought it had a direct line to your heart and wanted the ring to sit there). However, it’s worth noting that in some countries this tradition has wandered a little over the years.

The good news is that all your fingers are, technically speaking, equally close to your heart so the change doesn’t remove the intended symbolism.

The Metals Matter

Kings often used their wedding rings as the royal seal and there’s no other ring that offers quite such a close look at the intention of the giver by examining the metals.

Platinum is one of today’s most popular choices and as a relatively expensive metal it shows a serious commitment and it’s also hypoallergenic which makes it comfortable to wear.

The traditional gold ring is also a big deal and the yellow gold is said to symbolise fidelity (or faithfulness) which is kind of important in a marriage. Rose gold is also a good choice because of its strong associations with the word “love”. White gold may also be appropriate because it shows the depth of friendship which underpins the marriage.

Diamonds Matter Too

An engagement ring without diamonds isn’t really quite an engagement ring. They’re an expected part of the package but what about a diamond wedding ring?

Diamonds Gold Coast are perfectly acceptable on wedding bands even if they are a little unusual. The diamond is said to symbolize “eternity” which should mean a powerful commitment indeed when combined with the “forever” of a circular ring.

To Engrave Or Not To Engrave?

It’s not done to engrave the engagement ring (though maybe this will change as men start to adopt wearing engagement rings too) but it’s fine to engrave the wedding bands if you want to. Anything from “I love you” to the date of your wedding is acceptable.

Need help choosing what to do with your rings? Never fear, we’re here to assist. Call us today and walk us through what you want.

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