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Burgundy Bespoke Jeweller’s founder and master craftsmen Michael Dransfield has been involved in the international jewellery trade for more than four decades.

Michael has experienced every facet of the industry working within both the retail and workshop sides of the business in the UK and Australia. From working behind the scenes through to building relationships with customers face to face, Michael is a passionate professional who prides himself on being one of the most experienced personal jewellers you’ll ever meet.

The process of finding a diamond engagement ring in Brisbane or the Gold Coast can be stressful and unpleasant but it should be one of the happiest moments in your life. When you work face-to-face with Michael as your personal jeweller, you get to explore what you’re looking for in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. It’s like chatting to a colleague or friend.

The majority of people looking for engagement rings aren’t sure where to begin with the design, or only have a few hints from their loved ones on what they like.  In Michaels role as the ‘Ringman Wingman’, he helps clients translate these hints and ideas into the perfect engagement or wedding ring.

In addition to making the ring design experience enjoyable, Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers are proud to deliver affordable options, so we’ve eliminated having a storefront, which requires rental payments, hired staff and top-level security to protect the merchandise. 

We did this in our Jewellery Stores in Brisbane & on Gold Coast so that we could pass the savings onto you as the customer.

We also create every single ring from scratch, buying materials as and when needed and keep no stock on hand. This keeps our overheads low and allows us to create a new ring design for each customer. 

In our Jewellery Shop, all the materials and stones used in your ring creation are ethically sourced and certified. It’s a truly remarkable way to get the ring of your dreams designed to your exact specifications.

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