Why Men Should Consider Wearing An Engagement Ring Too

December 19, 2017

Find a woman who has just got engaged and ask her how she feels about her engagement ring, her answer will leave you thrilled and excited. There’s something incredible about being able to display your commitment to your partner in public. An engaged woman doesn’t need to say “no thank you” to unwanted advances, she can just point at the ring. Men, however, have historically been denied the joys of engagement rings. We’d like to change your mind and here’s why:

Men Should Wear An Engagement Ring Because:

·         It’s 2019 and we’re equal partners in our relationships now. That means we ought to be equal from the start and wearing an engagement ring allows men to show that they are as committed to and excited by the relationship as their partner is.

·         Same sex weddings are coming. The law is changing in Australia along with the times and we’re about to see a lot of same sex weddings and that means there are going to be pairs of guys across the nation looking to demonstrate their commitment to each other – what better way than an engagement ring?

·         It adds personal style. It’s exciting to be different. If you put an engagement ring on your masculine finger, you’re breaking fashion ground and that means winning the admiration of your peers and her friends.

·         Rings are nice. Men don’t wear rings often enough. They are fantastic to look at and can be chosen to accentuate your masculinity rather than detract from it. You don’t need to get in touch with your feminine side (though you can if you want to) in order to find the right ring for you.

·         It allows her to invest in your relationship too. Again, this is 2019. Men AND women go out to work and they both earn salaries. This is very different from the days when the engagement ring was introduced when a woman couldn’t find employment. An investment in a ring is a statement of intent for the future. Now that women can afford to buy a ring, why shouldn’t they if they want to?

·         It allows her to feel secure in the relationship. There’s nothing quite like a discrete sign that says “I am taken” to stop one partner from feeling any jealousy. When your man is wearing an engagement ring, you know that he’s really yours and no-one else’s.

·         It’s an investment for the future. Gold and diamonds only ever seem to increase in value. You’re not just buying a ring for today but one for all your life and one that you can pass on to your children too.

Welcome to the 21st century. It’s time that every man wore an engagement ring to demonstrate his love for his bride-to-be (or groom-to-be) and to be proud of doing so.

Of course, you’ll want that engagement ring for him to be as special as the one for her and that means you’re going to need our help to get it right. Contact us today and see what we can do to make your love shine through every day of your lives.

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