Want to propose to your girlfriend but you don’t know what kind of ring to buy for the proposal? We feel you. This is a really common dilemma. An engagement ring is a huge purchase and it feels like you have only one chance to get it right, doesn’t it? So here’s some help on choosing the style of ring when you want to ask her to marry you:

Be Modern About It

There is one really easy way to approach this and it’s to involve your bride-to-be in the process before you get to the formal proposal. This works well in modern couples who have been together for a long while and in which marriage has already been discussed.

If you can’t ask your lover directly about this; you might also see if you can get them to wander round a jeweller for you and answer some “hypothetical questions” about their dream engagement ring.

The big advantage to this, of course, is that you can’t go wrong with a ring that she’s already said that she likes. The downside of this approach is that it can be a little awkward if you’ve not been together for long, if she’s not a natural jewellery shopper or if you really, really want the element of surprise in a proposal.

Think About Her Preferences

It can help to think about what you know your lady likes before you go shopping for a ring for her. We’ve found it’s a good idea to consider:

  • Which metal would she like the most for a setting? This can often be the metal that she wears most often or in a similar colour to the metal that she wears most.
  • What stone type would she prefer? Lots of smaller stones, one large stone, a combination of the two? Again, check out what she wears at the moment, it can give you a clue.
  • What styles of jewellery is she likely to prefer? Is she a modern kind of girl or a classic princess person? It matters when it comes to picking something that suits her general style.

The more you think about what she currently likes, the better informed that you will be when you do go and out start hunting for that perfect ring.

Enrol The Jeweller As Help

If you’re still unsure then why not come and talk to us, your local jewellers? We promise that we’re not going to subject you to a hard sell routine – we know that this is important to you.

In fact, we may even be able to help you get a “test run” ring that gives you a little breathing space over the whole thing.

You see, the right ring makes you happy and it makes her happy and that in turn means you’ll remember us to other people when they ask where you got the ring. We want you to succeed.