Proposal guide – 4 step guide to make it perfect

December 12, 2017

Proposing always seems like it should be complicated when you’re building up to it but in fact, the best proposals are simple and together. The less complexity you add, the easier it is to do it right. So, we’d like to share our 4 step guide to making your marriage proposal perfect.

Step 1 – Check Out The Lay Of The Land

There’s no such thing as a “pre-proposal” but you can check to find out how they feel about the idea. That means you can check out their reaction to weddings in TV and film. You can ask how she feels about the institution of marriage.

You can also check things out with her friends and even family if you can be subtle about it. They should be able to give the nod as to whether it’s a good idea or whether it might be better to wait.

Step 2 – Do Any Permission Seeking You Think Is Necessary

Yes, we know it might sound stupidly old-fashioned to go and ask her parents for permission to get married but here’s the thing – it’s a sign of respect.

If she hates her parents or is estranged from them (or they’re sadly deceased) you can skip this step otherwise – you need to ask.

The best time to do this is to approach them on their own at a quiet time. The worst time is to ask them when they’re drunk as skunks at a family occasion. They’ll blurt it out and then you won’t be able to propose the way you wanted to.

Step 3 – Get The Ring Picked

This is where we come in. You want to make sure that the ring is the right one for a lifetime commitment. If you can’t work out what she needs exactly then don’t panic – we have a way that you can conduct a “test run” without spending a fortune on a ring that then needs returning; whatever you might have heard – jewellery is rarely eligible for a complete refund. So, trust us – take the time to get this right.

We’d also be happy for you to pick our brains about anything wedding or proposal related while we measure things up for you. We want your happiness to last. Happy couples are the best advert for our business.

Step 4 – Plan The Moment And Ask

Once you’ve cleared these hurdles then you’re pretty much ready to rock’n’roll and pop the question to the one of your dreams. We recommend that you make a very simple plan and go with something traditionally romantic. Make it a surprise but make it a personal surprise, unless you already know she’s going to say “yes” – a public proposal can feel like a mean trick.

Don’t forget once you’ve got Step 1 and 2 covered – it’s time to call us and discuss how to pick the perfect ring. We’ll tailor it to perfection so that your “forever” starts perfectly.

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