Real Life Stories Of Wedding Rings That Were Lost And Found Again!

March 6, 2018

We don’t recommend that you take a risk with your wedding rings, but you will be happy to know that there are moments that a couple has lost a ring and then been reunited with it. However, I’d also like to stress that insurance is a must for a wedding ring and a custom engagement ring. Hoping for the best is fine as long as you are also prepared for anything.

The Sandy Disaster

Kat went to the Bahamas to get married. She had a last-minute brain wave and decided that to be more romantic she would bury the wedding rings on the beach and draw little treasure maps to their locations. This was brilliant right up to the moment they went looking for the rings which were nowhere to be found!

Fortunately, while Cat and her husband had their wedding photos taken, their friends kept hunting for the rings and they finally found them after 45 minutes of digging and sifting sand. Cat says she was really pleased that they caught the epic hunt for the rings on video, but she doesn’t recommend that you hide your wedding rings on the beach.

The Engagement Ring Went To The Dogs

Sarah was out walking her dog and when she returned home she found that her wedding band was still in her pocket, where she’d put it earlier, but her engagement ring had gone missing! She ran out of the house to look for it, but it had gone walkies.

She didn’t give up. She put up posters offering a reward. She hired a guy with a metal detector. All to no avail. She was distraught. Finally, she decided to claim on the insurance for it. No surprises what happened next – she was walking across the park to the post box to mail the claim when she stumbled over her ring! She says, “It was a miracle.”

The Fateful Flush Scenario

Kelley’s husband Jim was washing his hands when his wedding band flew off and into the toilet in their bathroom. Sadly, the toilet had just been flushed and the ring was gone before Jim could plunge his hand in to fetch it. They were sure that they would never see it again.

Incredibly, five years after the ring had disappeared from their lives. Kelley’s friend’s daughter went to use the bathroom and she found the ring sitting in the toilet bowl. She let Kelley know and Jim had his ring back at last! They think it must have been caught in the pipes and then been dislodged at random.

There we have three happy tales of the real-life loss and return of important rings. I can’t promise you won’t lose one of my custom engagement rings or wedding rings, but I can promise, you won’t want to lose them because they will be a unique, perfect representation of your love for each other. Call me and find out how you can get a ring that you would miss if it were lost.

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