The 5 Best Engagement Blogs

August 13, 2018

It’s funny, you’d think there would be a lot of blogs out there all about the act of getting married, after all, it’s a big deal, right?

Yet, there aren’t very many and of those that are out there – there are even fewer that get regular updates. So, we went looking for some of the best and this is what we found:

Inspired By This

Inspired by this isn’t so much an engagement blog as an inspiration blog. But what could be more inspiring in this world than the moment that two people agree to spend the rest of their lives together? So, they have a section dedicated to photos from engagements and I think they’re quite spectacular. Nothing gaudy or out of taste – just good old fashioned romance.

Check out Inspired By This here.

Bridal Musings

This is much more than an engagement blog. It’s one of the best pre-wedding (of which engagement is a single aspect) blogs in the world. It’s beautifully presented, the writing is top notch and you will never run out of ideas when flicking through its pages. If you want just one site to go through to get ideas for your wedding and engagement, this is probably the one you want to pick. I could spend all day looking at the images on here.

Find Bridal Musings here.

How He Asked

This is a super site if you want the personal touch of being able to read about individual proposals in detail. Each couple that they feature on How He Asked is led through a series of questions that help you better understand how the proposal went down. If you’re nervous about popping the question, this is the best help you can get. It’s sensible, practical advice that leads to lasting love.

Visit How He Asked here.

Heart Bandits

I really enjoyed reading Heart Bandits. This blog goes into great detail on specific types of proposal and works you through the idea to making it a reality. Learning how to propose at a music festival was brand new to me and I’ve heard about a lot of proposals in my career. So, there’s plenty that you can learn there too. It’s very well written but it could have used a few more images to be spectacular.

See what Heart Bandits have to say here.

Your Engagement 101

With a name like “Your Engagement 101”, you know what you’re getting from off the bat. It’s a very well put together website with a bit of an American slant but there’s plenty that you can use here in Australia too. You’ll be impressed with the amount of effort that’s gone into this; I know I was.

Go to Engagement 101

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