Things You Should Know When Buying Handmade Jewellery

May 21, 2018

If you’re thinking about buying some bespoke jewellery, I’ve got some useful rules for you to use when picking your jeweller. You see when it comes to handmade jewellery, you’ve got the chance to buy a unique piece which can serve a higher purpose too. So, let’s take a look:

How Unique Is Unique?

If a jeweller shows you a catalogue with just a few designs and then asks you to pick from them, they’re not really offering a bespoke service. Sure, everyone likes some inspiration as a starting point because there are a lot of great designs already but… to get unique, you need a lot of choices to begin with. You can narrow this down quickly as you stamp your personality on the item.

Can You Add Custom Touches To The Design?

Many handmade jewellers offer a range of designs that they’ve already made and will make again. That’s fine but it’s not your piece unless you can alter it to make it special. When I work with my clients they all have the option to tailor their piece as much as they like, with the only restriction being that it has to work in the material they’ve chosen to use. I am a great jeweller but even I can’t break the laws of physics.

Is There A Quality Assurance Process?

There is nothing to stop anyone from making jewellery. In fact, there are many successful businesses on places like Etsy where people with no training have started making pieces. That’s fine for everyday wear but for the really special pieces? You need an assurance that you’re buying something that’s built to last. Make sure you discuss with your jeweller the quality assurance process for your piece.

Is The Customer Service Bespoke Too?

When you deal with me, you deal with me. I don’t delegate the care of my customers to call centres in India or the Philippines. That’s how mass market large chains work, they have their place and strengths but again, that’s not what you want when you’re aiming for something truly special. You want to know that the support that comes with your jewellery is every bit as unique and tailored as the piece itself. Then you can trust in the process.

Is The Jeweller Working In The Local Economy?

When a jeweller is in your economy, they are supporting other craftspeople and tradesman with their work. They buy from local businesses and pay taxes in your community. When you buy a bespoke piece in your local economy, you’re supporting your own community. It’s a little something extra when it comes to creating the jewellery of your dreams.

Do you have any other questions about what to look for when you’re creating handmade jewellery with a jeweller? Then don’t be afraid to contact me today and ask me some questions. I promise, I don’t bite, and I am always happy to hear from someone who wants to get the best jewellery that they can for their money.

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