Thinking Of Getting Engaged? Here’s Some Proposal Ideas

August 20, 2018

One of the things I get asked most often is, “how could I propose to my partner?” Well, the good news is that there are many ways to ask someone to marry you. Here are some great ideas for your engagement proposal:

  1. Take them to their favourite place. Or take them to a place that has special meaning for the both of you. It shouldn’t be hard to make this decision.
  2. Think about having a choir or a band on hand. A surprise performance, in the right setting, can really get your partner’s excitement flowing.
  3. Use a street caricaturist to ask the question. An image hand drawn of the two of you together, your speech bubble says, “Will you marry me?”
  4. Consider a scavenger hunt. These can be a fun way to get your partner to connect with significant events and places in your courtship before they find you and the ring at the end.
  5. Get out on the dancefloor of your local club and then borrow the mic to ask in public. Please, be sure that this is your partner’s thing before you do it, though.
  6. Hire a plan to sky write the proposal in the sky. Try to make sure you do this on a day with good weather. It matters.
  7. Take out an advert in the local newspaper. Then make sure they see the advert, which may be easier said than done in today’s Internet age.
  8. Take them on a vacation. Then use the in-flight tannoy to pop the question. It’s best to ask the flight attendant’s before doing this. Trust me.
  9. Take them on a vacation. Then have the staff set up champagne, roses, and the ring in your room for the moment you get back from a day of fun.
  10. Write your proposal on the bedroom ceiling in glow in the dark stickers. This one never fails to impress and it’s very cost-effective if you are on a tight budget too.
  11. Make a trail of candles from the front door all the way to the box with the engagement ring. This is always lovely.
  12. Hire a personal chef for the evening and propose over dinner. This rocks and it always has the advantage of great food too.
  13. Have a personal jigsaw with the words “Marry Me?” made up on top. Then wait for a rainy day and make it together.
  14. Create a proposal website. Then e-mail her the link. When they say “yes”, e-mail the link to your friends and family.
  15. Hire a photographer. Have a couple’s shoot and at the perfect point, ask the question.

There are so many ways to get the question asked that I could go on forever with ideas. The truth is that it will be special because it’s all about the love you put in. All you need on top of a proposal plan is the perfect engagement ring. I can help you design the perfect ring for your lover. Call me and find out how.

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