Custom jewellery is truly special. Whether to mark a special occasion such as a graduation, birthday, birth of a child, engagement or just because – you really cannot go past custom made jewellery. If you are after custom jewellery in Brisbane, Burgundy Bespoke should be your first call. With decades of experience, they understand how to capture the intended wearer’s individuality and the sentiment attached, in the perfect custom piece.

Beautifully Bespoke

The benefits of creating a custom piece of jewellery cannot be overstated. A piece of jewellery is able to represent so much when handcrafted for the wearer and to mark an occasion. A standard piece of jewellery can be beautiful but it really cannot carry meaning the same way custom made can. Perhaps you have old jewellery of a relative to repurpose to a new design, a loose gem acquired on travels or a unique idea for a new piece. Custom made ensures your special piece is unique to the wearer and a real talking point to be proud of.

Trust Us To Bring Your Idea To Life

Don’t let the idea that custom made can be expensive put you off creating your dream piece, With no shop front and the ability to come to you at a time that suits, we guarantee to be ⅓ less expensive than our closest competitor. We work with you at all stages, we can suggest designs or take your ideas and bring them to life.

Every one of our custom creations is made collaboratively with the client and a commitment to perfection. We use only fairtrade and ethically sourced materials so your piece is not only spectacular but can be worn with a clear conscience.

If you’re wanting to create a truly memorable piece of jewellery, contact Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers today on 0452 266 359.