When choosing an engagement ring, you have to consider the style, cut and quality of the stones. “But how do I choose a diamond cut for my engagement ring?” Let me break this down for you, from the perspective of a professional jeweller.

Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular choice.

If you’ve been looking at engagement ring designs, you might have noticed that many feature round diamonds. This is referred to as a brilliant cut. When light hits a brilliant cut diamond, it sparkles like no other.

If you want something that’s not too traditional, consider other diamond cuts.

Princess cut diamonds are more geometric in shape. Although they are more affordable, they offer the same sparkle as brilliant cut diamonds. These suit both classic and geometric style engagement rings.

Asscher and emerald diamonds are elegantly sleek. They have less sparkle than brilliant and princess diamonds, but they are more transparent.

If you are looking for a more vintage feel, then cushion diamonds are a popular choice. Are you looking for a more rectangular shape? Radiant diamonds might just be what you’re looking for.

There are, of course, more distinct shapes. These include marquise, heart, oval and pear-shaped diamonds. Heart-shaped diamonds are undoubtedly romantic. Whilst pear and marquis diamonds appear larger when viewed from above because of the way they are cut.

Still other options include baguette, half moon, and trillions.

The options can be overwhelming. Allow me to assist you in selecting the shapes that best highlight the style of engagement ring you have in mind.

When you are trying to decide on the best diamond cut for your engagement ring, contact Burgundy Bespoke for professional advice based on years of success and experience.