How to Choose Your Diamond Ring Engagement Design

April 14, 2020

Your engagement is an extremely exciting time for you as a couple. Amidst all the excitement, there is one thing that everyone will want to see: the engagement ring. This is the one piece of jewellery where you cannot afford to make a mistake. I am here to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring design for you.

The style of the diamond engagement ring design is your first consideration

Vintage, traditional, modern, there are many different options. It’s a good idea for you to look at and try on a variety of styles. The idea is to point to the different aspects that appeal to you. Thereafter, I can design a custom ring for you that includes all these elements.

There are many beautiful diamond cuts you can opt for.

The cut of a diamond essentially refers to its shape. Whether you are wanting a solitaire ring or a design with shoulder stones, there are many gorgeous options and possible combinations. I will walk you through the cuts that I think will best match your preferred style and the shape of your fingers.

It’s a good idea to get professional advice when it comes to selecting the quality of the diamonds.

This is when you need to start balancing the 4Cs of diamonds: cut, clarity, carat, and colour. The quality of the stones will determine their brilliance as well as their price. I will help you compare various options that fall within your budget. Of course, your preferences in terms of style and cut will be taken into account.

The final consideration is the metal…

Your options for metal are yellow, white, or rose gold. If you prefer white gold to the other colours, you could also consider opting for platinum. Again, I will guide you in terms of selecting the best option for your chosen style as well as your budget.

Contact Burgundy Bespoke for a custom diamond engagement ring that will make your heart skip a beat.

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