How to Measure Your Finger for an Engagement Ring

April 30, 2020

There is nothing that spoils a proposal more than a ring that doesn’t fit. This is not a guessing game. Sizing a ring needs to be accurate. Otherwise the engagement ring could be too tight, get lost, or not fit at all. Allow me to advise you on how to measure your finger for an engagement ring.

Did you know that your finger size can change?

Many factors can change the size of your finger. Activity, season, temperature, pregnancy, and diet are a few examples. I will take your lifestyle into account, as well as your finger shape and preferred band width. These will also help me to determine the accurate size of your engagement ring.

You can choose the time and place to have your finger sized.

We will meet you where and when it suits you to have your finger professionally measured. It’s best if you avoid certain things before your sizing that can make your finger swell, such as eating salty foods or engaging in strenuous activity.

Although it’s best left to the professionals, there are a few options if you want to know how to measure your finger for an engagement ring at home.

Ideally, you want an accurate measurement of the inner diameter and circumference of the ring. You can take a narrow strip of paper and wrap it around your finger. Make sure it can slip over your knuckle and sits comfortably at the base of your finger. Mark the piece of paper where it overlaps, then unwrap it and measure it along a ruler.

Another option is to take a ring that already fits the ring finger on your left hand. Hold the widest part (the diameter) against a ruler and note the length in millimetres.

I must caution you that these methods to measure yourself are not always accurate.

For best results, contact Burgundy Bespoke. We will arrange a convenient time to accurately measure your finger to ensure a good fit.

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