How To Propose Without A Ring Without Risking The Romance

October 2, 2017

Getting married is a big deal. The first step in that process is proposing to your partner and if you want the romance to last into your marriage; you want to get that proposal perfect. That, in turn, means that you need a ring to propose with.

But… you say, rings aren’t cheap and you don’t want to get it wrong. What happens if you go and buy your lover a ring and then they hate it? You can’t take it back for a refund, can you?

No Refunds But There Is A Sensible Alternative

No, you can’t have a refund on a ring because it’s not possible for a jeweller to sell your ring as new after it’s left the store. That means we’d have to take a loss on it. But that doesn’t mean there are no alternatives to buying a ring and risking all your investment in a single moment.

Alternative One – Buy The Stone

The first alternative is a popular one when you know that your bride will say yes and you know what kind of stone that she’s always dreamed of. This is a pretty good way to propose because she will know that you are serious and that you’re a considerate soul who has thought about her feelings. It’s also pretty exciting to design a ring together.

However, you might not want to go this far if you don’t know the stone she wants or aren’t 100% confident that she’s going to jump for joy and say, “yes!”

Then you might want to consider our other method:

Alternative Two – Buy A Replica

You can always ask us to create a replica piece for the proposal. We can use cubic zirconia to substitute for diamonds and silver instead of gold for the ring. This won’t break your wallet at all and it means that you can show your beloved the design that you think they will like without being committed to it.

When she says, “yes!” then you can bring the replica back to us and upgrade to the real thing. She may even keep the replica for its sentimental value and to use as a “spare” when she’s doing something that might put the real ring at risk of loss or damage. We’ve found that brides are really pleased with this approach and if you’ve got her sense of taste a little wrong; it’s not going to hurt to change the design.

An Engagement Ring Is For Life, Right?

We don’t propose in the hopes that we’re going to spend a few weeks together, we do it to spend our lives with the person we love. That means you want to get the proposal right but you also want to buy a ring that your future bride will want to wear every day for the rest of her life. These two tactics to the proposal allow you to get just that without risking the romance of the proposal itself.

We love to be apart of our customers love story… get in touch today and let’s create the perfect ring for your loved one.



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