Questions You Should Ask When Choosing Your Jewellery Designer

January 8, 2018

We make bespoke rings that last for more than a lifetime but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask us or any other jewellery designer some questions. In fact, we’ve got some ideas as to what you should be asking whenever you’re looking for jewellery:

  1. Am I being listened to? It’s amazing how many jewellers go into “pushy sales mode” when they deal with their customers. You don’t want that. You want someone to listen to you and your needs – after all, it’s not the jeweller’s wedding, it’s yours.
  2. Do you have any credentials? There’s no law against anyone opening up a jeweller’s store but you don’t want “anyone”, you want someone with experience and a background in jewellery if you want the right ring.
  3. What services do you offer? The better jewellers will offer a range of services. Look for someone with gemmology experience and who can do bespoke work as well as having facilities for repair and resizing of rings.
  4. How much choice is there? Some choice is good. Endless confusing choices? Not so much. You don’t want to be overwhelmed and left feeling intimidated by a selection. Your jeweller is supposed to help narrow your options down not leave you feeling confused and miserable.
  5. Does the jeweller seem knowledgeable? Getting answers to your questions is important but getting detailed answers with enough information to base your decisions on is even more important. You should be confident in the jeweller’s expertise before parting with any money.
  6. How do you handle diamond certification and appraisal? You’re going to want more than a jeweller’s word that you’re getting a certain kind of stone, you’re going to want to see some paperwork to prove it. Don’t be afraid to Google the names on institutes and assurance bodies to make sure they are legitimate.
  7. How is the quality of the metal in the ring shown? You should be looking to understand the jeweller’s mark which demonstrate the quality of the metals used in the ring making. It’s not good enough to be told the quality – you want to see it.
  8. Can they walk you through the 4Cs? The 4cs of diamonds are very important and a good jeweller should be able to walk you through what they mean by them and demonstrate them on the stones they recommend to you. This is a very important test of expertise.
  9. What are the warranty and support policies like? You buy a wedding or engagement ring for a lifetime not for a single day and that means you should talk to the jeweller about ongoing care for that investment too.

This all adds up to a single question. “Can I trust this jeweller?” If you don’t feel you can trust them, walk away.

We’d be happy for you to ask any questions that you want when shopping for a ring for your partner and if you would like to ask some questions now, please contact us today to get the ball rolling.

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