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Ring Remodelling

Where to go for engagement ring remodelling

There are many reasons people might need their engagement rings remodelled. The traditional method of surprising your partner with a ring can sometimes backfire if we don’t get everything right. Even if we do sneakily get hold of their measurements, the sizing could still be off, especially if there’s a focal point which needs a snug fit in order to stay in the right place.

Other times, everything might go swimmingly for the proposal, but later down the track when your situation improves, you may decide to upgrade the setting or stones to show off your success!

Changing your ring’s appearance

One of the most popular ways to upgrade your ring is to ask an expert jeweller about the best ways to make it look bigger. If it has a single stone, this might be tricky, but when it comes to multiple stones, remodelling to create an optical illusion can really make it pop. Whatever your budget, something like a halo stye will make even a small stone eye-catching.

With Burgundy Bespoke, the experts come to you. You’ll have the time to speak to a jeweller with over 40 years of experience. If you’d like your ring to look flashier, you can get value for your money by avoiding high end retail commissions and speaking directly to the specialists in handcrafted designs.


Adjusting your ring’s size

If it’s the sizing which is an issue, Burgundy Bespoke can help with this too. A well-fitting ring will be snug without feeling tight, and the stone shouldn’t slip to either side. When this isn’t the case, it may need to be resized, and depending on the style, stone placement, and patterns, you will be talked through the different options available to you.

Typically, an oversized ring can be cut for resizing, while an undersized ring can be rolled or have extra pieces added. However, with the help of a highly skilled jeweller, adjustments won’t be noticeable. If you’re concerned about any of the above, or you have other questions about remodelling your ring, call 0452 266 359. for the highest quality, affordable guidance.

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