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Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby engagement rings, designed just for you

Ruby is a gorgeous statement for an engagement ring, with plenty of chic, old-fashioned charm. Celebrity wearers include style icons like Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, and even the Duchess of York, but there’s no doubt that if you want something as unique and eye-catching as ruby for your engagement ring, you won’t want to share the design with others.

Although the typical process of choosing and buying an engagement ring doesn’t allow for much customisation, Burgundy Bespoke offers a new way to go about it. After more than 40 years in the business, they have perfected a personalised, discreet, and affordable method, where you get maximum input into the design.

How Burgundy Bespoke works

Unfortunately, many jewellers are more interested in profit than in helping people in love. For this reason, the whole process is made more complicated and expensive than it has to be, in order to string you along until you buy the most overpriced ring. It can also be stressful if you don’t want to be seen at the storefront in the first place!

But with Burgundy Bespoke, the experts come to you. They are flexible, work around your hours, and will sit down face to face for personal, one-on-one guidance. Whether you know exactly what you’d like or don’t have the slightest clue, they will talk you through everything from cuts and styles to budgeting and sizing.


Lower costs for higher quality

There are a number of things that usually contribute to the cost of an engagement ring, including storefront maintenance, commissions, and stones sourced from unknown places, but with Burgundy Bespoke, you only pay for the service you get. For an average of 1/3 what others pay at high end retail stores, you will receive tailored service, expert guidance, and exquisite, ethically sourced stones.

Further options include bridal sets, right hand rings, and men’s wedding rings – anything you can imagine, we can help you bring to life! For an affordable, handcrafted ruby engagement ring, call 0452 266 359 to get started.