So you’re ready to propose, but so often you’ve struck out buying birthday gifts or choosing clothing or household items. You just do not share the same tastes or know what your intended truly likes. Whether your partner is genuinely picky or you simply just don’t have a knack for choosing the right thing, selecting an engagement ring can be fraught with stress.

Imagine your proposal being marred by their reaction to the ring? Wouldn’t it be better to know they love it, especially since they are supposed to wear it for the rest of your married lives? So what is the solution?

How To Choose A Winning Engagement Ring

Thankfully there are a couple of options for you with regards to nailing the proposal and the ring design.

  • We all know a ring is part of the proposal, but there is no rule saying it has to be THE ring. Why not propose with an inexpensive replica that they can wear until the forever ring is selected?
  • An open proposal, if marriage has been discussed in the past, why not keep the communication open and inclusive of possible ring designs? Ask your partner what they like or don’t like and have them share images with you of designs they adore.

What If They Don’t Know What They Like?

A fiance to be that has no idea what they like either can make it harder. However, all is not lost. We suggest coming to see us together and viewing images and designs of rings in person. It may help to create a list of your top 3 independent of one another, focus on what you do and don’t like and then come together to compare. With a bespoke design, we can then incorporate your favourite elements into the ideal engagement ring.

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