Your Guide to Cocktail Rings

July 11, 2022

Do you enjoy standing out from the crowd? Have a flair for the original and eye-catching? If so, then let me formally introduce you to the never-humble cocktail ring. First popularised in the 1920s, cocktail rings are a bold statement piece, certain to attract light, eyes and conversation aplenty. If you’re considering treating yourself, or you’re just plain curious, then this blog should answer all of your questions and offer a little direction too.

Perhaps The Most Important Question; What Is A Cocktail Ring? 

During the prohibition era, at illegal cocktail parties, rather than draw attention to themselves, women of status flaunted a large, stylish ring. This was done to signify to servers that they wanted an alcoholic beverage or cocktail (unfortunately they don’t still have this effect). Thus, the name ‘cocktail ring’ was born.

These days any statement ring is commonly referred to as a cocktail ring and their size and designs vary. What sets cocktail rings apart from other rings is the presence of an oversize gemstone or diamond. The centre stone is usually brightly coloured and may be offset with pave diamonds or set entirely alone depending on its size. Because the classification is so broad, it leaves a lot of room to create a ring that’s entirely your own and fits perfectly with your style.

When And How To Wear A Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring is not your typical everyday ring; usually, they are kept to wear on special occasions or when you feel like getting glammed up. Although, should your lifestyle allow for more elaborate clothing day-to-day, you may get away with enjoying your cocktail ring more often.

Cocktail rings are traditionally worn on the right index finger and quite often will be the only ring on that hand, but they can, of course, be worn on any finger. Some choose to avoid wearing them on the left ring finger, for obvious reasons, but at the end of the day there’s no right or wrong when it comes to how you decorate your own hands!

Cocktail Ring Inspiration

If you like the idea of a cocktail ring but aren’t too sure what you’d want it to look like, then there’s plenty of places to take inspiration from. Celebrities are the best place to look for modern, up-to-date and eye-catching styles, and there’s a lot of different choices. Some opt for slightly more understated styles which can be easier to incorporate into the everyday, such as Lady Gaga’s engagement ring, which features an oval-cut pink sapphire and a halo of round-cut white diamonds, or Olivia Wilde’s brilliant round-cut white diamond ring with an emerald halo.

Others go for full-on glam and are suitable for their black-tie events (or the everyday-person’s weddings, birthdays and anniversaries), like Victoria Beckham. Our favourite of hers has to be the huge emerald-cut blue sapphire with tapered baguette side diamonds, round-cut white diamond halo and diamond pavé band.

There are also plenty of cocktail rings on display at celebrity events and balls, such as the Met Gala. A lot of the time, the Met allows for a little more uniqueness too, meaning jewellers can get creative with their pieces. A couple of recent examples are Amber Valletta’s red carnelian Buccellati ring at the 2022 Met Gala, featuring a halo of white diamonds set in yellow gold, and Simone Biles’ Fred Leighton Art Deco ring, featuring turquoise, amethyst, ruby and diamonds set in platinum. 

For a bit of timeless inspiration, look no further than the royals. There are several extremely famous cocktail rings that have been passed through their generations, and with good reason. Princess Diana’s engagement ring is the most notable, later going on to become Kate Middleton’s. It features a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds and set in 18-karat white gold, and is truly breathtaking. Another of Diana’s rings is a 13-carat aquamarine with diamonds, finished in 14kt white gold, which was later sported by Meghan Markle.

We also have a page dedicated to offering inspiration on our site with a wide variety of styles. We can make any of these rings as seen, or we can mix them up to your heart’s desire!

Go On, Treat Yourself!

Who doesn’t need an extra bit of sparkle in their life? Let our expert jewellers add just that by creating a truly unique and outstanding cocktail ring that perfectly suits your style and personality. With only our top quality materials and workmanship, your cocktail ring is guaranteed to be a showstopper! A bespoke cocktail ring is eye-catching for all the right reasons and looks expensive in a way that store-bought can’t beat.

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