The Burgundy Bespoke Way

September 23, 2022

We realise that for many people, bespoke jewellery may seem like a daunting concept. Not being able to see your jewellery before you buy, not knowing whether your design will end up being as good as you imagined, or thinking it will cost far more than your budget allows, are all doubts people encounter when considering the bespoke route. In reality there is very little to be worried about, especially with Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers. Bespoke jewellery is our speciality, and offering a service that supports our clients from outset to completion is our ultimate priority.

In fact we would go as far as to say that there is actually much more to worry about when buying from a high street jeweller! You’re choosing from a pre-made selection rather than a custom made design you know that your partner will love. If you’re not 100% sure on the design we can help you with a low cost replica to pop the question with, before you spend on the real thing. Ring not the right size? With Burgundy Bespoke there is no need to worry as we provide free ring sizing on all our rings.

This is our process, from consultation to delivery, and how we ensure a five-star service every time.

The Initial Consultation

Our service begins with an initial consultation, which can take place over the phone or in person, where general ideas are discussed. We then arrange a meeting where we can accumulate those ideas and begin planning the details of the design.

Meeting & Planning

During our meetings, we refine our clients ideas and combine all of their dream aspects into one design, whilst maximising their budget. We meet with our clients at a time and place that suits them, whether it be on their lunch break, in a coffee shop, or a visit to their home, in order to minimise stress and, in the case of it being a surprise, the likelihood of being caught! The number of meetings can vary based on the complexity of the design and the type of materials desired.

The knowledge we’ve acquired during our forty years in the industry allows us to offer invaluable advice and guidance throughout the process, and we work closely with clients to ensure they make informed decisions about their jewellery. We can also bring sample stones to eliminate buying blind. Since we don’t have one set supplier, we’re able to source a wide variety of materials, meaning there’s no limit to what we can incorporate. We then go away, draw up plans, and assess the best way to make this piece for you. We’ll return the design proposal to our client, and, with their approval and deposit, we begin work.


All of our jewellery is hand-crafted by our master jeweller in our Brisbane studio, using only the highest quality, hand-picked materials. We take great pride in our work and put the utmost care into every piece we create, resulting in truly exquisite designs that will last a lifetime. Every item from Burgundy Bespoke is also covered by our Lifetime Guarantee, ensuring peace of mind for all of our clients.

We usually take around four weeks to complete production, depending on the complexity of the design. We keep our client updated every step of the way, and, once finished, the final piece is delivered, and forever begins.

Our five-star service has been tried and tested by hundreds of happy clients, and every item we make is sublimely designed and made. If you’d like to experience the Burgundy Bespoke Way, then please book a consultation with us to begin your bespoke jewellery journey.

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