What We Offer Compared To Brisbane Jewellery Shops

May 15, 2018

For a smallish city we have an incredible number of jewellery stores in town. That can mean it’s quite overwhelming when you’re looking for a ring for an engagement or a wedding. Who do you choose and why do you choose them?

A Quick Explanation As To How Most Jewellery Stores Operate

Most jewellery stores are, in essence, catalogue shops. Some operate great catalogues from some of the better mass production jewellery companies and others are not so great. Price is often a clue as to the quality of the merchandise but that’s not an absolute rule.

That’s because some unscrupulous jewellery stores will use layout and lighting to try and increase their profit margins on lower quality items. It’s rare but not completely unheard of in Brisbane.

These stores can often make minor alterations, such as resizing, or repairs to the jewellery they sell. However, they usually can’t design jewellery and they cannot deliver a unique piece for their clients. That’s because they’re selling other people’s work from a production line.

There is nothing wrong with this kind of jewellery for everyday wear. Not every piece you own needs to be unique.

Here’s Why We Are Different And Why You Should Choose Us For Your Wedding And Engagement Rings

I don’t believe in mass produced jewellery when it comes to the truly special occasions. I didn’t join the jewellery trade to treat people as though they were “buying prawn sandwiches” as the ill-fated Gerald Ratner once described rings from mass production jewellery stores.

I think that you deserve better. Your love is unique, and your jewellery ought to tell its story. It’s not something that should fall out of a cracker on Christmas Day but rather an eternal symbol of your commitment to the one you want to spend all your days with.

When I visit you, you won’t be starting with a catalogue. We’ll be starting with a conversation. I’ll help you work out what you want, if you don’t already know, or to explain what you have your heart set on, if you do.

Then we’ll go through a process which involves creating the ring of your dreams. Where you have complete input into the materials used, the stones, the design of the setting and the way it represents what you share with your partner.

You only want to buy an engagement ring or a wedding ring once in your life. It should last until “death do us part”. It should be a timeless classic and whenever you glance at it, it should remind you of the love you felt the day one of you said, “yes, I do!”

Every ring I make is unique. There will never be another like it. It’s yours and only yours. Even I don’t have another one. That’s what sets me apart and Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers from the other jewellery stores in Brisbane, I care about you and your jewellery. I make it unique for your love.

Call me today to talk about how I can do this for you and your partner too.

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