When an engagement ring is too big

April 30, 2021

If you have become recently engaged and want to excitedly show off your engagement ring, we understand! But what do you do when an engagement ring is too big and you’re unable to wear it?

Resizing An Engagement Ring

An engagement ring will usually take around two weeks to resize and can be upsized or downsized by around two sizes quite easily. Going much smaller or larger will create stress on the original setting.

Silver, gold and platinum can all be resized without complication, tungsten and titanium generally cannot be resized. The cost of having your ring resized will vary based on the metal involved, how complex the resizing will be and the size required.

To begin with, your finger will be measured, the band will be cut to add or remove a section. It is then shaped before being soldered closed again. It may also be polished and replated if necessary for optimal shine. When done properly, the resizing should appear as though it was never done.

How Should A Ring Fit

Wedding and engagement rings should feel snug, but not tight. Too loose and the setting can slide around your finger or worse, fall off. Too tight and you will have ongoing discomfort, particularly during warmer months. Should the ring be only a quarter of a size too big, you may be able to simply have a sizing assistant fitted. This is a small bar or two small beads that make the ring feel more snug on your finger and also helps to stop top-heavy settings from falling to the side during wear.

At Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers we are able to guide you through the resizing process or create a bespoke ring that fits without issue from the very first wear. Call today on 0452 266 359.

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