When to wear an Engagement Ring

March 15, 2021

If you have recently become engaged you may be wondering when to wear your engagement ring. It is understandable that you may not want to take it off at all in the beginning, after all, you’re newly engaged and everyone wants to see your engagement ring. There are however some situations where we would recommend not wear your engagement ring.

When You Shouldn’t Wear Your Engagement Ring

Even though an engagement ring is generally quite resilient, there are some situations in which you should take it off and put it safely aside. Time when you should take your engagement ring off include:

During exercise, particularly if you lift weights as this can squash the setting and leave it trapped on your finger or pop the setting allowing precious stones to escape.
When showering, soap and water lubricate and the risk of wearing your ring in the shower is that it could slip off and end up in the drain.
When swimming, just as with showering, it is easy for your ring to slip off your finger and become lost.
Doing the gardening, while diamonds and gold can be cleaned well, it’s best to avoid gardening with your ring on as it can become scratched and trap dirt. It is also easy to lose rings while gardening.
If you work with machinery, rings pose a safety risk when using machinery as they can become trapped and cause injury – always remove them before working with machinery.
While cleaning, harsh chemicals can cloud your stones and take the shine off your band, even when wearing gloves.
When doing hair and make-up, hairspray and other body products easily clog the setting of your ring and can make it dull and dirty.

If you have damaged your engagement ring wearing it during one of these activities or it just needs a thorough clean, contact Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers on 0452 266 359.

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