Why An Engagement Ring Is Important

January 15, 2021

Engagement rings have long been a part of every couple’s love story. Engagement rings are the visible symbol showing the progression from dating to the intention of lifelong commitment.

They require careful thought and consideration before purchase and represent both a financial and emotional investment. They are so important as they represent the love between two people and the promise of forever. They declare your devotion to the world.

Not All Rings Are Created Equal

Just about everyone knows that choosing the right engagement ring is seriously important. An engagement ring should ideally match the wearer, complimenting their uniqueness. This can be incredibly hard to actualise in a store-bought ring.

Engagement rings purchased from a shop-front may be beautiful, but they are not one of a kind. These rings are mass-produced and lacking in personal touches. They follow popular trends and are simple transactional experience.

The solution. Custom made engagement rings.

Bespoke Is Best

Custom or bespoke jewellery is made specifically with the intended wearer in mind. You can choose the style, the stones, the setting and the metal. Yellow, rose or white gold, perhaps platinum or a mix of two. Don’t like a traditional diamond engagement ring? We can source your preferred stone.

Should you have an heirloom piece you wish to incorporate, we can handle, with the utmost care, also.

We take great pleasure in helping your engagement be the best it can be. We don’t just create incredible jewellery, we create joy. Our hope is that we see you return for weddings rings, anniversary rings and any other special occasion. That’s the bespoke difference – creating memories and beautiful mementos.

Contact Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers today and begin the journey to your engagement the right way. Call us at 0452 266 359 or book online for a free consult.

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